Friday, April 4, 2014

5 Things Friday

It is finally warming up in DC! Wahoo! FINALLY. I am excited for a weekend of spending some time outside. This weekend on the docket we plan to go hiking, do some gardening, and crossfit (of course). Have a great weekend everyone. I hope you have some time outside as well :)
We had Venison Tacos and Venison Tamales for dinner one night this week. Yum yum yum! 

Latest Mocktail I am obsessed with: Topo Chico, Lime and Cranberry Juice.

I think I have mentioned this before, but Josh lives next to a Grocery Store comprised of all Latin/Mexican foods. I LOVE IT. Look at this wall of queso fresco...nom nom nom. 

My sweet friend Chloe gave me these cute measuring cups on Monday. Aren't they precious? I love them! Thank you Chloe!

Best part of my week was receiving this in the mail from my wonderful sister! Can't wait to stand by her side when she marries the man of her dreams :)