Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap: Rain Rain, Winter Go Away

This weekend got started off with a bang at a 30th Birthday Celebration in honor of our dear friend Phil! For once it wasn't freezing and we took advantage of the nicer weather with celebratory drinks on the roof top of Jack Rose. Josh and I had a great time...

...until the next morning when I felt like death. I only had three drinks and you would have thought I had "partied like it was 1999" by the way I was feeling. Luckily, it was pouring down rain so it was the perfect weather for a lazy day. Even Molly, the dog I was dog sitting, took advantage of the day with lots of nap time! I pretty much only moved off the couch to eat a whole pizza...not paleo...and not good for the wedding diet. Oh wells! Lazy days are needed by us all!

The next morning, the cold and rainy weather kept on coming...this time with snow in the mix as well! Ugh! Make it stop! Josh and I went to 11am mass, and then took some more naps. When the weather is a dreary as it was this weekend the only thing to do is nap. At about 4pm, we headed to the gym so that I could complete the final WOD of the Open, 14.5. It did not go like I wanted it to (recap manana), but I am happy it is finished. Now I have another year to work on my skills and get better. That night we grilled some steaks, had some good wine, and watched some TV. Again, too cold to do anything!
1. Nasty Weather
2. Disappointed in my performance
3. But Happy the Open is over
4. & 5. Dinner
Spring, where are you?

Happy Birthday Phil!!!!

What is your favorite thing to do when the weather is nasty? 
Take naps, obviously :)

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