Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! We had yet another snow storm here in I am working from home today. Did you have a good weekend? Mine revolved around St. Patty's Day activities and CF. Let's recap shall we:

Friday night got started off with the CrossFit Open and 14.3. I am going to post my recaps this week (I mean it this time), but this one (like all of them) was a doozy. I am glad that dead-lifts are off the to-do list because that is not my favorite element. After the WOD, Josh and I had to go home and bake some Irish Soda Bread for our church St. Patty's party. We didn't get home till past 10 and were starving so we ordered my favorite Pizza from Juliano's but minus the meat. It was deeeelicious but I missed my Italian sausage. 

The next morning we woke up for yet another WOD. It was tough considering we had just worked out 12 hours prior, but I love Saturday WODs. Plus this one had a St. Patrick's Day theme and we all know I love a good excuse to dress up! This WOD was a partner WOD, and I was very thankful to have Josh by my side. He encouraged me to keep going even when I was ready to quit, and we ended up having an awesome time and getting a great workout. Did I mention that I made the costume leaderboard? Holla!

Kx Photography
Thanks Keith! I love this shot!
After the WOD, Josh and I dropped our homemade soda bread off at church and then went home to spruce up. At 4:15pm, we met up with Beth to go to Mass. The St. Patrick's Day Mass at St. Peter's Catholic Church is incredible and people know it (there wasn't an empty seat in the house). Not only is it full of symbolism and incredibly inspiring, but they also put on a spectacular musical performance with a full orchestra and choir. Following Mass, the parish hosts a big party down in the basement of the church. There is tons of food and beer (8 kegs to be exact) and even more music. Beth, Victoria and I all agreed that it reminded us of the scene in Titanic when Jack takes Rose to a "real party" with the Irish music, dark beer and festive spirits! Us Catholics were in a drinking mood too because we floated each keg in an average of 10 minutes or less. All of the Priests and Nuns were in the St. Patty's Day mood too, and one priest even did a rap about Dominicans for us. Honestly, this is one of my favorite parties of the year!

On Sunday, I spent the day working and doing laundry. That night Josh and I watched Catching Fire. I had already seen it but damn I forgot how good it was. #TeamPeetaForever

If you are in DC, I hope you are enjoying your snow day!

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