Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Things Friday

Another weekend is upon us, and I must say I am ecstatic. Overall, I really love my job, but I can't help it...I live for the weekend. I have some fun plans set for the next few days including completing 14.5, the last workout of the CF Open. As much as I love the open, I am looking forward to just working out normally again. Now enough talk and on to Fridays 5:

Buzzfeed has had so many fun quizzes lately. One of my favorites was "which sorority should you have actually pledged?" and look what I got! Bamm! I was born to wear the crown ;)
Click here to take the quiz yourself :)

Josh and I are trying to get "wedding ready" by eating healthy and not drinking as much during the week. I love a glass of wine at night after work. Not so much for the alcohol (although that is great too) but because I like the ritual of "happy hour" when I get home. In order to keep the ritual but ditch the extra calories and booze, I have been making mocktails this week. They have hit the spot and are super easy. First fill a cup with ice and then add your favorite sparkling water (Topo Chico for me). Then add a splash of juice and some lime. We used Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. Honestly, they are delicious and keep you hydrated too!
Mocktails on Ice
Or in a Champagne Flute with some RHOBH
My friend Emily gave me these minipies on Sunday. They were the perfect single portion and scrumdiddlyumptious! Josh and I gobbled them up.
I loved bubbly wines, and this red one is my new favorite. We had it on our girls date on Sunday!

Just a random selfy to leave you with!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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