Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Recap: Superbowl Weekend

I was so excited to have Josh back this weekend that I kept him all to myself for all of it! Friday we stayed in and rented movies on pay-per-view. He is so sweet and always lets me choose even though about 50% of my selections are flops. I love post-apocalypse movies and on Friday we watched Elysium. It had Matt Damon in it, but I am not quite sure it ever made it to the theaters. I liked it though. 

On Saturday we had our second Pre-Cana class. I am loving our classes so far, and this Wednesday I am going to do a recap on what we have learned so far. Stay tuned. 

After class we were both starving and decided to go check out Union Market. UM is a huge indoor market that has vendors for groceries, but it also has tons of "mini-restaurants". All of my friends have been talking about how great it is, and I was excited to finally check it out. Josh and I thoroughly investigated all of the dining options before deciding on Rappahannock Oyster Bar. We filled our bellies with smoked oysters, chowder, the best crabcake I have ever had, and a lamb and clam stew. Everything was incredible, and we left full and satisfied. I will definitely go back. 
Rappahannok Oyster Bar

After shopping for a bit, Josh dropped me off at Eastern Market where I did a bit more browsing and purchasing for the week ahead. That evening we went to Mass and grilled a pork tenderloin. 

The next morning, Josh and I woke up to discover he had no water at his place! EEK! After brushing my teeth with sparkling water and a quick breakfast, we ran out to get supplies for the Superbowl as well as lots of bottled water. I also stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies. Like I mentioned on Friday, I was ready to get back to eating well and spent most of the afternoon prepping my lunches for the week. 
Chicken Salads for the week with my favorite salad dressing 

While I did lunch prep, Josh started working on our Superbowl feast and set up. He hooked up a TV in front of the hot tub outside so that we could enjoy the game while soaking in the water. It was pretty awesome. What was also awesome were his homemade chicken wings. He grilled the wings on barbecue pit and then covered them in his homemade wing sauce. They were sooooo good. By far the best wings I have ever had. We served pizza triangles along side the wings and washed them down with cold beverages (a beer for him and a Mexican coke for me). After chowing down (and then reaffirming my plan to eat well this week), we watched the first half in the hot tub. 

During the 1st half the water came back on too. Woo hoo!

The only thing that could have made the weekend better was Bubba Watson winning the Phoenix Open and the Broncos winning the Superbowl. However, considering there are three Aggies on the Seahawks team, I am still happy with the outcome (although I love Peyton Manning). 

How was your weekend?

Did you watch the Superbowl?

What was your favorite commercial?
-Radioshack all the way!

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