Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Recap: First Weekend Back

This weekend's theme was all about getting back into the swing of things. After almost 16 days away, I was ready for my normal routine. I am the type of person that thrives on schedules and routines...hence why I do it for a living :) Any who, the weekend got started with a night a Hill Country Barbecue. We reunited with friends, drank Texas beers, and stuffed our bellies with brisket, sausage and banana pudding. It was glorious...

...until the next morning when it was time to go to CrossFit. I had a headache from the booze (only 2.5 drinks, I am officially a light weight) and my stomach was still so full from all of that glorious meat. However, I threw my favorite Lululemon crop pants on (the ones that may or may not be see through but I love them too much to care) and put on my Nano's. This girl does not miss Saturday WODs if she can help it, and this one was a dozzy:

400 m Run

100 Double Unders
90 Air Squats
80 Walking Lunges
70 Step Ups (20”)
60 Toes to Bar
50 Push Ups
40 Pull Ups
30 Box Jumps (20”)
20 Burpees
10 Pistols

In order to not be there until midnight, I decided to cut the toes to bar/pullups sections in half and did 30 toes to bar and 20 pull-ups instead. It was still plenty and I am so sore today! It has been a while since I felt the pain of a good WOD so even though I am wincing as I walk I like it :)

After the WOD, I rushed home to get ready for my friend Alison's Baby Shower. She is having her second baby...a little brother for her precious daughter. The party was super laid back. We sipped bubbly, nibbled on snacks, and visited. They had a game, but this was not your "what kind of candy is in the diaper" game. (on a side note, that game grosses me out.) This time we all received scratch off tickets and the person who got three babies in a row received a bottle of wine! Score! Sadly, I did not win, but it was still fun.

 I am so happy for Alison and her husband Josh. They are already two of the best parents I know. Plus they are raising both of their children to be Aggies...obviously they should win the Best Parents Award just for that!

That evening, after a nice nap, I filled up on Josh's delicious chili. It takes hours to cook, and it is seriously the best chili in the world (it has won awards). Our friend Brian came over too, and we did what we always do when we get about CrossFit.

On Sunday morning after I watched CBS Sunday Morning (I watch it every week) and had breakfast, Josh and I went to HomeGoods to find a few things for my new apartment. I freakin' love that place! I found two things for my studio and also picked up two tables at World Market. In a future post, I am going to do a little tour of my new bachelorette pad....get excited!

After even more errands and a quick stop at my place to set up one of the tables, we went to Mass. The church was still decorated for Christmas and it looked gorgeous. Plus the sermon was inspirational and thought provoking, and I left feeling energized and ready to start the week. I also left with two HUGE poinsettias. They ended up giving them all away at the end of Mass! Woo hoo. 

The weekend ended with a pork chop dinner and some Downton Abbey with my handsome man. It was a busy weekend, but it felt good to get back on track. 

How was your weekend?

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