Thursday, January 23, 2014

Washington's Green Grocer: Fresh Groceries at Your Door

I first heard about Green Grocer through my BFFSM, Lanie. Before Christmas, she and I discussed that we wanted to start the New Year off right by eating well and working out. Eating more fruits and veggies obviously mixes into that equation and she sent me the link to Washington's Green Grocer. Green Grocer is a a grocery delivery service in the Washington DC area. A customer chooses a grocery box option (organic, local only, large mixed, small mixed, etc) and then places their order by Monday of a given week. A menu is posted online of what will be in your box on Monday as well. That Thursday your selection is delivered right to your door. Easy as pie! (I have never understood that expression because making pie is in fact not easy).

Any who, I decided to give it a whirl and selected the Large Mixed Box for my first delivery. You also choose whether to have the boxes delivered once a week, twice a month or on demand. Since I was new to this experience I chose to go with the on demand option. My first delivery arrived last Thursday! This is what it looked like...

...and this is what was inside:

sweet potatoes, fresh green beans, bananas, pears, oranges, sweet potatoes, apples, an eggplant, mushrooms, red peppers, celery, and lettuce. The entire box was $39.00. Depending on which box you choose, your price will be a bit different but none of them go over $39.00. Produce in DC is already expensive so for the quantity of great items I received, I thought this price was really reasonable. 

The large box was definitely way too much for one person to use in a week. I shared mine with Josh and exactly one week later we still have a lot of produce left over. Here is what we have done with our food so far:
We have had lots of fruit bowls!
Braised Mushrooms in Red Wine Sauce
Grilled Eggplant
Sweet Potato Soup (this is just for me since Josh hates Sweet Potatoes) Here is an example of what could possibly be a negative to a grocery delivery because you get what they choose to send you might receive some foods you dislike. However, since they post the menu you can either opt out for that week or find someone in your family that does like the item. There is so much variety in the box that I think disliking just one item out of many really isn't a loss. **
Sauteed Green Beans with Red Pepper

Like I said above, one week later I still have a good amount of fruit and veggies left. I plan to use them all up too!

Something I loved about the service was it made me think out of the box in terms of cooking. On most grocery trips I tend to grab my go-to veggies (broccoli and asparagus) and then those are my side dishes for the week. With the service, I had new yummy things to eat and it helped me combat food boredom...which I get easily. 

I also loved how fresh everything was. I have used other grocery deliveries in the past and by the time I received my order some of the produce was already going bad. This was definitely not the case with Green Grocer. Everything arrived in perfect condition and at the peak of freshness.

All in all, I loved my Green Grocer experience. However, I will probably space out my orders to once a month. With my lifestyle the on demand option works better for Josh and me. If you need to get out of a food rut and want some variety in your diet, I definitely suggest trying Green Grocer and if you do, let me know what you think!

Have you ever used a grocery delivery service?

How was your experience?

***All of the opinions in the article above are my own. I was not paid for this blog post. However if anyone would like to pay me I definitely will not say No. Cha-ching!***

**Since posting, a sweet friend let me know that on the Green Grocer site they let you know that if you don't like something you can just let them know and they will switch it out for you. Talk about a win win and great customer service!

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  1. I am so glad we both signed up for this - such a great decision! Also, I need your sweet potato soup recipe, please :)