Tuesday, December 17, 2013

#laterblog Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving and My Birthday

This is way past due, but as life usually does, it got in the way of the blog for awhile. Any who, better late than never.

The night before Thanksgiving Josh and I went to CrossFit and then grabbed some Subway sandwiches for dinner. We spent the rest of the night prepping our food for the next day. The next morning I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade while prepping the three dishes I was contributing to our afternoon meal: brussel sprounts (with bacon of course), rosemary rolls, and cranberry sauce. Josh and I celebrated with Lanie, Dave, Daisy and Sandy (Dave's sweet mom). We had enough food to feed an army and Daisy was willing and ready to clean up the floor of any scraps. Our feast consisted of: two turkeys (one beer can and one fried), stuffing, my dishes from above, spicy mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, turnips, and gallons lots of wine. It was the perfect day, and I am truly so thankful for the many blessings in my life most importantly Joshua, family and friends. 

The next day was my Golden Birthday! 29 on the 29th! First thing in the morning Josh gave me one of my many presents...a pair of Pink Weightlifting shoes! Holllaaaa! I had planned on buying them for myself and could not wait for our next CF session to try them out. I also received some beautiful earrings from my sweet roomie and a gorgeous bracelet from Lanie. After opening presents, Josh and I went and got our WOD on. I survived having to do Birthday Burpees, but I got a great sweat in none the less. A lot of people thought I was crazy for going to CrossFit on my birthday, but I think of birthdays as a day where you can do whatever you want...and I LOVE CF. I truly have been brainwashed by the sport...and yes...it IS a sport :)

Following the workout, Josh treated me to bagels at our favorite place (I mentioned it yesterday too) and then we went shopping in Georgetown. My shoes ended up being too small, but luckily Georgetown has a Reebok CF store and I was able to exchange them. The rest of the day we celebrated with champagne, a cheese platter, Birthday Cake Oreos, and perfectly grilled steaks. It was the perfect day!

My birthday celebration kept on going even after the 29th came and went. That Sunday my sweet friends treated me to a champagne brunch. We caught up on everyone's Thanksgiving recaps and talked about anything and everything. The great thing about girl friends is you never run out of things to talk about (Josh calls us chicken heads when we get together because we can't stop chatting). I am so blessed by amazing friendships in DC. 
Here's to my last year in my twenties! Cheers!

Oh, did I mention it was Gungie's birthday too? You should follow him on Facebook and Twitter!

What did you do on your Golden Birthday?
*I didn't even know what that was till last year. Happy I didn't miss it ;)

Oh and one last thing, look what I found when I went to work on Monday! I have fantastic coworkers!
side note: my desk is not usually that messy

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  1. I've missed my golden bday! Ohhh noooo!...oh well. Maybe I'll count 62 as my reverse GBD.