Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Book Club and Scarf Exchange

Last night my book club got together for our monthly meeting. At a normal meeting we get together, drink lots of wine, and discuss the book we chose to read (which usually only 22% of the club actually reads). However in honor of the Holiday Season, we decided to get crazy at last night's meeting. Not only did we have TWO books to discuss (which about 33% had read...WOW) but we also had a scarf exchange.

The scarf exchange was White Elephant Style in which everyone chooses a number and when it is their turn they can either steal a scarf or choose a wrapped gift. I chose number 1 which is the BEST because you get to go again at the end! Some people might have thought it was rigged since I was the one who facilitated the game. However I chose that number fair and square and ended up with a gorgeous pink scarf (that may or may not have been the scarf I brought to the party.) All in all it was the perfect evening, and I am already looking forward to our next get together in January!
Josh stopped by before book club had started because I had borrowed his jeep. Then Alycyn surprised us with Christmas presents. This really is the "happiest time of the year."
We drank some awesome wine last night from Alycyn's diverse and plentiful wine collection. It was deeeelicious!
Packages under the tree for the Scarf Exchange
A roaring Yule gave off some serious heat.

Lots of Snacks

Scarf Exchange begins! That scarf proved to be very popular and was stolen the maximum amount of times. 
Loving their new scarves! 
Group Shot with our new accessories!

At the end of the night things got a bit CRAZY with a psychedelic yule log. 

We had so much fun last night, and I think the scarf exchange might become a new Holiday tradition with our club. I am even wearing my new scarf today!

Are you in a wine book club?


  1. I love Book Club and the psychedelic yule log!

  2. HAHA this is one my favorite blog posts yet! :) It really was a great time, as usual!

  3. I spot myself above the roaring flames!