Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Recap: Engagement Pics, Baby Shower Bubbly, and Brisket

Josh and I had a busy weekend. Actually to be more accurate, Josh had a busy weekend and I had a busy Saturday. It all got started with CF on Friday. We worked on back squat and then did a WOD of:

AMRAP 10 minutes

2 Muscle Ups
6 Box Jumps (30/24)
Row 250m

**Since I can't do a muscle up yet, I subbed 2 ring dips and 2 pull ups for each muscle up.

A huge pro to working out at the last class on Friday is that you have time to stay after the WOD to work on skills. Normally, as a morning worker-outer (real word?), I have to run out of the box the second the class is over so that I can get ready for work. However, on Friday, I was able to stay and work on Muscle Ups and pull-ups. So nice!

That night I got in bed early to get my beauty sleep. We were taking engagement pictures the next morning. Unfortunately, I was too excited to sleep and kept waking up all night. Much to my dismay at 3am it was POURING down rain outside. Normally I wouldn't be too upset about a weather delay for pictures, however Josh and I were on a time line. First off, it is about to be December and this girl can't handle the cold. I didn't want pictures that were all of me shivering to death and looking like Frosty the Snowman. Secondly, the US Capitol Dome is about to get completely covered in scaffolding. I wanted most of our pictures to be at the Capitol since Josh and I both work over here and this is where we met. Needless to say, a rain delay was not something I wanted.

Any who, the next morning we got all gussied up and headed to the Capitol. Although it was overcast, there was no rain, and I can't wait to see our pictures. Our photographer was fabulous and I have a full recap on the session to come :)

Following our 90 minutes of pretending to be super models, Josh and I went and checked out an apartment for me and then stuffed our faces with District Taco. We had been trying to eat healthy all week, and after our pictures all I wanted was pizza, tacos and cheese :)

Later that afternoon, we both went to our friends Amber and Michael's Baby Shower. You heard me right! Josh went too. It was a co-ed baby shower, and let me tell you it was the BEST baby shower ever. There was tons of food, even more alcohol and they served my favorite bubbly, Veuve Clicquot! I definitely drank my fair share of that orange label goodness, and I enjoyed watching Amber and Michael open their gifts. Josh and I could not be happier for them, and we can't wait to meet their little girl!
My taco from lunch; a sampling of the wines (all incredible), whiskies, and the Veuve; Meredith, me, and my champagne; Amber and Michael opening gifts...they had a sweet little helper; a small sampling of all of the food. I took home some of the Georgetown cupcakes. Nom Nom Nom

Following the baby shower, Josh and I went over to our friend Brian's house for some brisket. He had been smoking it all day and invited us for a sampling. Josh and I never turn down an excuse to eat meat so of course we said yes. Yet again, there was so much food: brisket, sausage, sides from Hill Country Barbecue, coleslaw, and tons of beer. By the end of the evening, I was (in the words of my home land) stuffed like a tic. Sorry to give you that visual but I have always found that saying to be very accurate to how I feel when I am full. 
Josh and Brian surveying the meat.

The next day, I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I haven't done that in a long time, but after our crazy Saturday I was feeling a bit under the weather. My greatest accomplishment yesterday was devouring this pizza, and that was how my weekend ended too. It was perfect!

Did you have a good weekend?

Have you ever been to a co-ed baby shower?