Friday, November 8, 2013

5 Things Friday...Plus One More

Yesterday I watched a special on GMA about military families. I was crying in my cereal the second it started and the tears kept on coming. It is easy to get wrapped up in yourself and forget about other peoples struggles and tribulations. Our military men and women sacrifice their families, their health, and their safety in order to keep our country safe, and their families are making those same sacrifices right along with them. I will be thinking about all of our service men, women, and family members this weekend and all of our Veterans as well. Thank you for your service. Words cannot express my sincere and monumental gratitude.

Daisy came over for a bit on Saturday after CF. Josh made a delectable breakfast, and I am pretty sure she was ready to pounce on it. Too bad for her I had devoured it all in roughly 4 seconds.
Keep your paws off my bacon

We had a fire drill at work this week. During the hour and half they kept us out of the building, I ventured over to the Botanical Garden (it is right across the street and it was FREEZING.) The had a gigantic Chrysanthemum on display with over a 1,000 blooms. Chrysanthemums are my birth flower in case you wanted to know. 

What I am about to say might be considered balsphemous, but I think I like pie more than cupcakes right now. EEEEK! I know! Alycyn and I had a date at Pie Sisters on Saturday, and it was soooo yummy. She had the Chocolate Cream Pie and I had Coconut. Damn they were good!

I might be 28 but I still read young adult series. Now, I just read them with wine. So that makes them all the way adult right?

Josh made Lamb Chops last night. These will definitely become a regular occurrence. 

Finally, here is my 6th thing: Lliam and I hit up the Pho truck last week. I already have an obsession with Pho but now there is a food truck too! We both made paper napkin bibs to keep from splashing ourselves with the yummy broth and we may have been profusely sweating by the end of our meal (lots of siracha), but it was soooooo good! Nom nom nom!

Happy Friday Everyone and Happy Veterans Day!

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  1. I finished Allegiant this week! It was so good, but the end made me sad. And disappointed and a little mad. I don't know. I won't say too much in case you haven't finished. Enjoy your wine with reading (that definitely makes it all the way adult, by the way - haha)!