Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Things Friday

One week from today I will celebrate my "Golden Birthday" and turn 29 on the 29th! It will be my last year as a twenty something, but I am looking forward to everything this year as to offer. It is going to be the best one yet! Specifically because I am marrying Joshua in August and starting a new adventure with him by my side. 

I can't talk about getting older without a shout out to one of my favorite scenes in Sex and the City. Carrie is celebrating her 35th birthday at a restaurant and gets stood up by all of her guests at her own party....then she hears people coming in singing Happy Birthday. She gets excited thinking it is for her, and it turns out there is a girl celebrating her birthday at the next table. Before the other birthday girl blows out the candles she exclaims "25! F*ck I'm Old"! 
I turn 25 today, so I had to watch this episode!

Haha! Every time I see that scene I laugh and laugh mainly because I remember thinking 26 was old. Now I realize age is just a number, and you are as young as you want to be. I choose to live a life not by a number but by how I live, act, and enjoy everything it brings with it. Now on to five things:

Walking to work on a gorgeous day in our Nation's Capitol...isn't that sky breathtaking?

Celebratory Starbuck's Christmas cup after signing my new lease! Tiny Studio here I come!

Last night the DC Zeta Alum Chapter had a Thanksgiving Potluck. There were about 10 desserts for roughly 10 girls and tons of wine. We caught up with old friends and met new sisters that had just moved to the area too. It was the perfect start the Holiday season!

Same gorgeous day as the top picture...all of the foliage is in it's prime right now. Look at those colors.

Early birthday flowers from my sweet coworker Jenell. She must have known that I love to celebrate my birthday for at least 1 week ;)

Have a great weekend!

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