Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap: Thank you Lambo!

On Friday night, after a quick work happy hour, I met up with Josh and most of our friends at Capitol Lounge for a going away happy hour. Currently a good amount of our friends are starting the move back to Texas and this week we were saying good-bye to Deon. Deon is the party planner of the group and throws the best parties, and luckily he will be back for Halloween for his real going away party/Halloween party! Woo hoo! You all know that this girl loves a good Halloween party, and he has thrown a great one for the past 4 years!

The next morning I had to go to work for a few hours (boo), but afterwards, my Chief of Staff treated us to Cava (yay)! I have talked about Cava a lot on my blog, but for a quick refresher it is a Greek-style tapas place in my neighborhood. It is one of my favorite places in DC so if you are visiting anytime soon add it to your list of restaurants to try.  
Top: Cava Delectables
Bottom: I saw this on my way home. Only in DC would you see a man pushing an organ down the bike path. The Capitol Hillbillies play Blue Grass music all over southeast DC and they are awesome. If you ever see them on the sidewalk stop and listen. 

It was a nasty/drizzly day which I loved because it was the perfect excuse to be a bum. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading my book and relaxing. That evening, I went over to Lanie & Dave's for dinner. Lanie's sister Resalyn was in town with her cutie-patootie daughter, Sylvia. I had so much fun catching up with them and eating yummy pasta, but at about 9pm I had to hit the road...the Aggies were playing!
Resalyn and Sylvia

The Aggies were playing Ol Miss in Oxford, and the entire game caused me severe anxiety. The score was neck and neck the entire time and all of my fingernails were chewed down to the nub. With four seconds left, the Aggies kicked a field goal and won the game. I honestly almost passed out from all of the stress, but it was an exciting game and I am so glad we won. #GigEm

The next morning, I found this glass balancing on the couch. Josh also had so much anxiety from the game that he left his glass half full!

An exciting game like that will leave you exhausted the next day. We order Chinese Food and vegged on the couch for most of the afternoon. 

That evening, I treated myself to a massage. I tweaked my back, and I knew a massage would help put things pack in place. Luckily, I had a gift certificate from dogsitting! The massage helped tremendously and I already feel much better. Tonight I am going to physical therapy so hopefully that will be the finishing touch to putting me back in order. 
Before Massage and After Massage
Can you tell I was relaxed? haha!
The night ended with picking up Alycyn from the airport (so glad she is home) and catching up on the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Show.

How was your weekend?

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