Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Prost JO...Our Engagement Party Recap

This past Saturday my wonderful friends threw Josh and me an INCREDIBLE engagement party! The went above and beyond with the planning and execution and every detail was well thought out and special. 

The party heme was "Octoberfest". There was German food galore from pretzels to 80 pounds of sausage to sauerkraut and yummy cheese. Everything was specialized to Josh and me...there was a Bourbon Punch (Bourbon is Josh's drink of choice), Cosmos in honor of me (readers of this blog know I love my cosmos), and Shiner Beer because we both love it. On the dessert table all of my favorite candies were displayed as well as Shiner Cupcakes and Red Velvet Cupcakes (another fave). 

The girls also made the cutest koozies that were available for all of the guests to take they were Aggie Maroon. 

The turnout was huge, and Josh and I felt so blessed by all of the love and the support. 
The wonderful hostesses! I absolutely cherish my friends. 

Towards the end of the night is when the camera really came out. In college Robley would always steal my camera and take a gazillion pictures. Later we would have some much fun reliving our North Gate nights through all of the pics. Things haven't changed. She took the camera again and got some classics!
The girls also purchased pretzel glasses and some other Octoberfest photo booth items...loved every part of that theme!

At the end of the night my lady loves and Robley had a ring pass for me. When were in college if a Zeta got engaged we had a ring pass for her at a Chapter Meeting. She would keep it a secret until that evening and would only let the chapter President know so that she could arrange for a special bouquet to be ordered. The bouquet looked like a wedding bouquet but had a candle in the middle. At the beginning of the meeting the President would announce that there was a "Ring Pass" and we would all get in a circle. The ring would be tied to the bouquet, the candle would be lit and all of the Zetas would pass the bouquet around in the circle and take turns looking at the ring while we sang a song. On the bouquet's third trip around the circle the girl who was engaged would take the flowers when it came to her and blow out the candle. All of the Zetas would cheer and then she would share her engagement story. Ring passes were one of my favorite things about meetings, and it was so much fun getting to have my own. There wasn't a candle and all of my friends already knew I was engaged (duh), but it was still special if not more so! 
The ring pass is at the bottom. Afterwards we sang the Zeta "Conversion" song...which is my favorite Zeta song :)
The evening ended at 1am with Phil singing to us to "get out of his house." Haha!

I have said it before but I will keep talking about it forever, I am SO SO SO thankful for my friends. Our engagement party was detailed to Josh and me perfectly, and all of the guests (including my handsome man and me) had a wonderful time. I can't wait to keep celebrating with my lady loves for the next 10 months and then to really get the party started with them on August 23rd, 2014. 

Thank you Lanie, Alycyn, Beth, and Emily for a perfect evening.
Phil thank you for everything you did too!
Josh and I love y'all!

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  1. Oh my goodness what an amazing party! Your friends are so thoughtful!

    1. Thank you Mary!!! I really am so grateful!