Thursday, October 17, 2013

Champs and a Mani/Pedi

Recently my sweet roommie had some excellent news! Whenever it is time to celebrate, champs is in order. I had originally purchased some mini bottles of Moets a few week ago, but they had turned bad. BLAH! So I sprang for the really good stuff. Only the best for my Alycyn!
On Monday we popped the Veuve, had a quick toast, and then got manicures and pedicures with Beth. We were the only people in the salon, and it was a special treat to get pampered on a random "school night". (Even when I am 78 years old I will think of weekdays as "school nights".)  

Later, Beth came home with us so that she could:
1. Open our front door
2. Get the champagne out of the fridge
3. Get our phone out of our purses.
Beth got a gel manicure while Alycyn and I got normal ones. Gel manicures dry almost instantly. So as a word of wisdom: if you go get manicures with friends and you end up being the only one that gets a gel, you are probably going to be their new set of hands while they let their real ones dry. THANK YOU BETH!

All of us got dark colors for our manicures. My go to Fall/Winter shade is "Lincoln Park After Dark". LPAD is such a dark purple it pretty much looks black. I love it! Quite the contrast from my spring/summer go to of pink.

Such a fun "school night"!

Did you do anything fun this week?

What is your go to nail color?

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