Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap: Segways and H-oreos

This weekend was fantastic! It all got started on Friday at Josh's for Mexican Fiesta night. On our way there we saw President Obama on his way home too. See! The First Family is normal. They commute home on Friday nights too ;)

After all of my working out this week, I was ready to carb load. Josh made steak fajitas and homemade beans (not paleo), and I relaxed on the couch with a Strawbeerita. Can it get any better than that?

The next morning we woke up bright and early to head to crossfit. I was super sore from my workout the day before (heavy back squats) and thought about not even going. I love Saturday WODs too much though so I perceived with quite a bit of hobbling. After getting warmed up I felt much better. Saturday's WOD was:
AMRAP 18 mins

3 Power Cleans (175/115)
5 Pull Ups
7 Lateral over-the-bar Burpees
25 Unbroken Double Unders *

*Restart DU’s if you fail to string them together.

I used 105 pounds for the power cleans...only 10 pounds away from the Rx weight. As a result of doing 105lbs, I didn't Rx the WOD but I did everything else as prescribed. This includes my double unders in which I did every set unbroken. I didn't ever have to start over. I was pretty pumped about that. At the end of the 18 minutes I completed 6 rounds exactly and was ready for some breakfast!
6 Unbroken Sets of  25 Double Unders
Photo Via Kx Photography

Josh made us a paleo breakfast of eggs, bacon and fresh fruit. I added some chocolate donuts which then negated the whole paleo thing. Oh well! They were delicious! 

We spruced up after breakfast, and then went to the mall. Josh is a groomsmen in a wedding next weekend and needed a new tux. While he perused the penguin suits, I checked out the earring section in Neimans and found the perfect pair for they new dress I got in Texas with my Mommasita.

That evening a bunch of friends came over, and we watched the Aggies destroy SMU. We feasted on lots of snacks including Josh's bacon wrapped shrimp and H-oreos. H-oreos are the name Misty gave to the Halloween Oreos we had for desert. Haha! I loved it, and we used the new name for the rest of the night!
Paleo Breakfast plus donuts; Trying on earrings; Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Jalapenos; Twinsies

The next morning, I woke up early again to enjoy a cup of coffee with my new pumpkin spice creamer (delectable by the way) and watch my boss on Face the Nation (he did an excellent job). After a quick grocery store run, I met up with Alycyn, Misty, and Eric for a Segway tour!

Doing a Segway Tour has been on my DC bucket list for a LONG time. So when Alycyn told me her friends Misty and Eric were coming to visit and wanted to do a tour I was ecstatic and jumped at the chance. The tour did not disappoint, and I would highly suggest it to anyone. Once you got used to the Segway, it was super easy to ride and fun. Plus it enabled us to cover a lot of ground in a shorter amount of time than if we had just been walking. Our tour guide was phenomenal and I learned some new DC knowledge. Finally, Segways make for excellent photo opportunities, and all of you know I love my Kodak moments. 
The only thing negative about the tour was the instructional video you watched before the tour! Haha!
It was a beautiful day yesterday, and this was such a fun way to be outside and enjoy the weather. Thank you Alycyn, Misty, and Eric for including me. I am so glad y'all came to visit!

After the tour, my fellow Segway comrades went to grab drinks and I hopped on a Capitol Bikeshare Bike to meet up with Joshua who had been at church. I was ravenous and made Chicken Piccata and huge salad for dinner. We ended the weekend with a Modern Family marathon and polished off the H-oreos. 
My bike, my gorgeous salad (I was so hungry I forgot to take a pic of the chicken piccata) and the last H-oreo

Like I said, this weekend was fantastic!

How was yours?

Do you like H-oreos?
The Halloween Oreos are my all time favorite.

Have you ever ridden a Segway?

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  1. Halloween Oreos? Awesome idea. Not sure if we have them in Canada, though.

    1. They taste exactly the same...but for some reason I like them better! Must be the food coloring ;)

  2. How do you pronounce H-oreos? Horeos or "H" Oreos? I'm so jealous you got to use a segway!!!

    1. Strong H and then the normal Hhhh-oreos. haha!

  3. hahaha love it! I have never been on a segway but it looks super fun!

    1. Do it Mary! You would love it. So much fun and a great way to be a tourist!