Thursday, September 5, 2013

Texas Recap Part 1: Quick Trip to Falfurrias

Last Tuesday, I flew out of DC right after work. My cousin Yale was getting married in San Antonio so I decided to spend some extra time in South Texas to see my folks. I pretty much use ALL of my vacation days to visit my helps keep the homesickness from taking over my life at bay. I had a layover in Houston and splurged on a glass of wine and a filet for dinner. The steak was practically the same price as a burger so I decided to live a little, and it was the best decision I made all day! Yum.

I landed in McAllen at roughly 11pm, and my Mommasita was there waiting for me. This was the first time she got to see my ring, and we both hugged, laughed, got a bit teary eyed, and hugged some more. I love that lady! I was EXHAUSTED and immediately snuggled into my bed of fine linens (my Momma has a luxury home goods store) and passed out. 

The next morning, I woke up, had coffee with my Mommasita, and then drove up to Falfurrias to visit my Daddy and Linda. This was also both of their first time to see my ring! They ooohed and aahed about it's sparkliness (I did too and still do everyday). We visited, did some wedding planning, and had lunch. My dad ended up having to go into his office, and I decided to go with him because I had a craving for a snowcone which we call raspas in South Texas. Falfurrias has THE BEST raspas EVER. I got my favorite flavor of all time, Lion King, and it was just like I remembered. It tastes similar to vanilla ice cream, and it is so so so so good!

At my dad's office I visited with JuJu and Rachel about the wedding, and it was sooo good to see them both. They have both been in my life since I was a baby and are family to me. On the way home my dad decided I needed ANOTHER raspa, and I eagerly obliged. Lion King round 2!

That afternoon Linda, my Daddy, and I got on our workout clothes, and we did some CrossFit in the front yard. Well, Linda and I did some CrossFit. My dad kind of flailed around in attempt to do something, but really just laid in the grass. Haha! We laughed and got a bit of a sweat on, and Linda rewarded us with some Sunrise Sangria!
Steak Dinner, Raspa 1, Raspa 2, and Sunrise Sangria-isn't it pretty!
It was a nice evening, and I loved being on the ranch in the fresh air. We spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening on the back porch, and Linda made an awesome roasted chicken for dinner. That night we watched "The Hangover" together. Neither of them had ever seen it, and they laughed and laughed. It seriously is such a funny movie, and even I caught parts that I had missed previously!

The next morning, we had coffee together, I packed up my things, and headed back down to the Valley. As always, I cried when I left. Every visit it gets harder and harder to leave. Although it was short, I had a great visit with my Daddy and Linda. Luckily as a result of all my wedding planning, I am hoping to get back to Texas a lot in the next coming months!

Texas Part 2 manana...

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