Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Things Friday/Texas Recap Part Two: All Things Mommasita

I decided to do my recap with my Momma as a "Five Things". We had so much fun together, like we always do, and we did SO much! I was exhausted when I got back to DC on Monday, but that is what always happens when I go down to visit her. We go a mile a minute and laugh non-stop along the way. She is my best friend, and I enjoy every second when we are together.

On Thursday, we got manicures and pedicures, and ran tons of errands (specifics on one of those errands to come). It felt like we were moving constantly. By the time happy hour rolled around we were both in desperate need of a cocktail. We invited my mom's good friend Jamie over for a glass of champs, and then our neighbors stopped by too! We toasted to Josh and my engagement, and let me tell you, I have not gotten tired of celebrating that we are getting hitched. Woo hoo!
Cheers to Josh and me! Cheers to best friends and the mother/daughter duo. 

Our friend Lily stopped by later in the evening. Lily is my mom's best friend and one of my best friends too. Whenever the three of us are together we talk, laugh, and giggle non-stop. My mom decided to open a really expensive bottle of champs to celebrate that we were together again, but it had gone bad. That didn't dampen our festive moods though. We nibbled on snacks and kept on giggling.
Me, Lily, and Mommasita

The next morning we woke up bright and early, packed up the car, and made our way to San Antonio where my cousin Yale's wedding was being held. Josh and I are having our wedding in San Antonio too (my favorite Texas city), and we have already booked our venue and church (more posts on that later). Once my Momma and I got to SA we stopped by our wedding venue so I could sign the contracts, go on a tour, and pay the deposit. Our venue is GORGEOUS, and it makes me even more excited for Josh and my wedding day. Trust me I am already ecstatic, but being at the venue made it seem even more surreal. After our tour we went to my favorite restaurant in SA, Paloma Blanca, for some margaritas and Mexican food.

After even more errands we decided we needed an afternoon pick-me-up. Bird Bakery is a cute cupcake shop in Alamo Heights and it is owned by the wife of Armie Hammer (he played the Winklevoss Twins in the Social Network). They have seriously scrumptious cupcakes and the decor is precious. Stop by the next time you are in San Antonio!
Old Fashioned Yellow Cupcake and Cappuccinos 

That evening we went to the rehearsal dinner in honor of Yale and Kelly. I am writing a separate post about that and the wedding, but I just have to state how much I love my family. We have had two family weddings in a row, and with mine next, I am loving that we are getting together so much right now! Before the wedding on Saturday, my Mommasita and I had lunch at Neiman's. We sat outside and had a view of the roller-coasters at Fiesta Texas. As we feasted on ahi tuna and sipped champagne, we could hear all of the screams of terror as people were zipped around on the Rattler!
Lunch at Neiman Marcus before we danced the night away at Yale and Kelly's Wedding

On Sunday, we ran even more errands, had a fantastic dinner at Paesano's (my 2nd favorite SA restaurant), and then drove back home to McAllen. We were EXHAUSTED. On Monday, we woke up and got me ready for my flight that afternoon. It was a whirl wind weekend, and we were going 100 miles per hour for pretty much all of it. The second I got on my plane I passed out, but the exhaustion was well worth it. I had a blast with my Mommasita (like always), and I am already counting down the days till we are together again.



  1. Beautiful ladies! You look like you had a great time :)

  2. Aww how fun! How exciting that you have your venue and church picked out in SA! I have only been there once but had a great time! Can't wait to read more about your plans :)