Friday, September 13, 2013

5 Things Friday

1. Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for all week...the Texas A&M vs Alabama Football Game. I am hoping for a repeat of last year with Johnny Manziel and the Aggies running all over the Crimson Tide. This year my friends and I are getting started early with a Bloody Mary Bar and Breakfast Tacos. You better believe all of DC will hear us cheering on our team! Gig 'Em! Beat The Hell Outta Alabama! Heyyyyy!
In Your Faaaace!
2. A beautiful flower arrangement that my Momma had at her house...her friend designed it and the flowers were even more beautiful in person. 

3. On Monday my coworkers and I went to Cava to celebrate our Chief of Staff's birthday. We feasted on lamb sliders and flaming cheese and drank a wee bit too much wine. An HGTV show was getting filmed while we there but unfortunately none of made a cameo. Next time! 
Happy Birthday Adam!

4. Last night was the Fall Kick Off Event for the DC Alumnae Chapter of ZTA. With all of the craziness of last year, I didn't get to go to as many Zeta events as I would have liked so it was so nice to reunite with old friends. We chatted, nibbled on cheese fritters and crab cakes, and drank fun drinks from mason jars. It was great evening, and I even won a door prize! Woo hoo! #zetaisforever #winning

5. I have been saving the best one for last. Yesterday I received a package from my BFF Robley (also a Zeta). She had told me it was coming but I had no idea what to expect. Before I go on about the package though I have to give you a little background story. Back when we were in college, Robley, our friend Carolyn and I were talking about our families. Carolyn mentioned that she was the black sheep of her family, and I made a comment that I was the Unicorn of my family because I am so special and unique. Damn Straight! Anyway, Robley has never let me live that down...and actually I dont mind because I still think of myself as a Unicorn. Haha! Now back to the package, the outside was super cute and addressed to "The Future Mrs. Maxwell". Then when I opened the box the inside of the lid said "Could it be? The Unicorn has been tamed?". Underneath the tissue paper was a unicorn that had a veil on, and she had lassoed a cowboy! Haha! I couldn't stop laughing!!! Not only was it a fun gift to open, but it was hilarious! Robley could not have sent a better present. I am so thankful to have her in my life, and I am even more thankful that the unicorn really has caught herself a cowboy :)

Happy Friday Everyone and Gig 'Em Aggies!!!


  1. That's hilarious!! Hope it will be your cake topper :)

    1. I agree- PERFECT cake topper, and it has a great story behind it!!