Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap: We Will Miss You Bethany!

My friend and fellow book club member, Bethany, is moving back to Michigan this week. On Friday, some friends coordinated a surprise going away happy hour for this sweet girl at the Queen Vic. We feasted on Fish & Chips and quenched our thirst with British Beer and Dark & Crabbies (their version of a Dark & Stormy). Celebrating with friends was the perfect way to start the weekend off. Plus the weather was AMAZING! I think it was about 70 degrees which is seriously a South Texas Winter. 

The next morning Josh and I went to crossfit for the Saturday morning WOD:
AMRAP 30 mins

22 KB Swings (1.5/1)

11 OH Walking Lunges (45/25 – plates)
Run 400m
11 Ring Rows
22 Wall balls (20/14, 10’ target)

*Finished with 3 rounds plus 55 reps Rx*

This was my 5th workout for the week, and my muscles were feeling it (along with those Dark & Crabbies). Everything was a struggle, but I made it through and refueled later with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and the all important bacon. Talk about a protein overload, but I could tell that I needed it!

Later in the afternoon, Josh and I met Alycyn and Beth at the pool for some sunshine. It has felt like the sun has only been out during the week this summer, and then once the weekend hits, it goes behind the clouds. My skin enjoyed soaking in some Vitamin D for about 5 minutes before I lathered on the SPF 100. Got to protect my outer layer :)

That evening Josh and I grilled pork chops and enjoyed a full bodied Malbec that my sweet roomie gave us. Alycyn loves Hope & Grace. She recently went to Napa and then surprised Josh and me with a bottle! It was soooooo good, and I enjoyed every drop. 
1. Fun for Bethany! We will miss you sweet girl, but we know you will be back before we know it. I am excited for all of the new adventures that are in store for you!
2. Josh and I finished dog sitting this morning. Molly must have known this weekend was the end of our stay because she couldn't get close enough to us....even when Josh was cleaning.
3. Protein Overload.
4. Hope & Grace Malbec....sooooo good! Thank you Aly!! We luv you!

Yesterday, was a SUPER lazy day for me. It was drizzly and gross outside so I sat on the couch and caught up on trashy tv with my handsome fiance and the fluff ball. 
Molly and Josh
Then we sent the weekend out with a bang by feasting on HUGE rib-eyes and watching the True Blood Season Finale. 
How was your weekend?

Did you watch True Blood?
I am obsessed with Andy Bellefleur as a father!

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