Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap: Lots of Steak, Marty Stuart and the County Fair

I had a fun-filled weekend, and I enjoyed every moment of it! 

Josh and I have been dog sitting for the past week, and after work on Friday, I took Molly out for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood. She has A LOT of hair and it was humid as all get out, so we kept it to a quick trek. While we were walking Josh was grilling up some giant rib-eyes. He gave me the bigger one thinking I would give him whatever I didn't eat, but he was wrong. I devoured the entire steak. Nom Nom Nom. I love red meat :)

The next morning got started with a Saturday WOD:

AMRAP 25 mins

10 Squat Cleans (135/95)
5 Hand Stand Push Ups
Run 400m

I did the HSPU Rx, but I used 85lbs instead of 95lbs. I wish I had gone for the Rx because I know I could have done it looking back. Oh well! I still got a great workout with 85lbs and finished with 4 rounds plus 3. 
Kx Photography

After getting our sweat on, I convinced Josh that we should refuel with Pho! I am addicted to it and since it had been like a week since I had it last, I was craving it big time.

That night we met up with some friends for a Marty Stuart concert. At first I didn't recognize his songs, but as he sang more Josh told me I realized he had written a lot of songs for Travis Tritt. Marty and his band had so much ol' country swagger. They rocked baby blue suits that were bedazzled with crystals and sequins, and they also had white patent leather cowboy boots. Talk about pimps! The average age of the other people at the concert was about 60 plus, and we were easily the youngest people there. I loved every minute of it. 
Me and my honey

Marty Stuart has one of the best voices too, and his band did some awesome harmonies together. I suggest seeing him live if you can. 
Birchmere Fun
Yesterday, Josh and I spent the whole day at the Montgomery County Fair. I was really impressed by their Stock Show. All of the animals and pins were clean and well take care of, and there was a wide variety of breeds. 
Carnival, Grilled Cheese, and My Fiance

The highlight of my day was the Piggie Races. Four piglets raced around a track and the winner received a prize of cheese doodles. They were so cute! They also had a goat and duck race, but the piggies were my favorite. 
Fluffiest Bunny Everrrrrr; Baby Piggies and their momma; Piggie Races; Honey Bees; Josh shooting a target; and Going into the haunted house. EEEE!

After church we grilled pork chops and watched the latest episode of True Blood.

Such a great weekend!

What is the best concert you have been to lately?

Do you love fairs?

Are you watching True Blood?
I cried through most of Terry's funeral.

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