Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap: 31 Heroes

After work on Friday, Josh and I decided to hit up the box for an afternoon WOD:

5 rounds

21 Double Unders
15 Sit Ups
9 Knees to Elbows

Finished in 8:01 Rx and made the leader board! Woo hoo

I really enjoy starting the weekend with a workout. Plus going to the Box in the afternoon gives you time to work on skills. In the mornings I usually have to run right out the door in order to make it to work on time. 

That night we refueled with homemade pizza. Yummy gooey cheese always hits the spot!

The next morning, I woke up bright and early to get ready for 31 Heroes. 31 Heroes is a nation/world wide event that honors the 31 American Heroes who lost their lives on August 6, 2011. All of the proceeds go to support the families of fallen military heroes. The workout is a 31 minute partner WOD. Each minute is in remembrance of one of the fallen (30 men and 1 dog). While one partner is running a 400m with a 25 pound pack, the other partner is doing an AMRAP of 8 thrusters, 6 Rope Climbs, and 11 box jumps. It is a brutal workout, but it is nothing compared to what our military men and women go through in the line of duty. So many people came out for the WOD, and our gym was packed with people. Following the grueling workout, we celebrated with beers and tacos! 
Thrusters, My partner Katie and me, Rope climbs
And now for some of the professionals pics from Kx Photography! Keith is the best!
My awesome cheering section and my partner Katie!
Running with 25 pounds
Heat 3...tired and happy we were finished
Josh and I hung out at the box for a few hours, but after a hardcore WOD, tacos, and a beer, I was exhausted. I took a nice long nap, and then later we went out for an authentic Chinese dinner. The restaurant was suggested to us by our CF friend Brian, and he did not lead us astray. The food was spectacular. 
Triple Delight and Salt, Pepper, & Chile Lobster
On Sunday, Josh and I went to church, and then we met Alycyn for lunch at a local sandwich shop. It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Sunny, but not too hot, and I loved eating lunch outside. Later, Alycyn and I made our way over to Elizabeth Arden for spa day. She treated me to a fabulous massage in honor of Josh and my engagement, and then we both got our make-up done. We decided to keep on celebrating, and after being pampered we channeled our inner Sex and the City and had a few rounds of Cosmos. Beth and Meghan joined us too, and it was the perfect end to a great weekend.
After our makeup refresher (I still had the imprint of the massage table on my face..haha); with our gift bags for a manicure...another gift from my sweet roomie; Cosmos

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a great weekend!! I'm so jealous! :)

  2. Wow it sounds like the perfect weekend. Especially Sunday. That sounds like the most perfect day ever. That is great you did that charity event. I lost a good friend in 2007 in Afghanistan. Have a great week girl.