Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Things Friday

My ring is BACK and it FITS!!!

I have been getting off of work right at 5 lately, and since I workout in the mornings and didn't have any social plans, I have been using that extra time in the evenings to watch tv while slowly moving on the arc trainer. Reality TV is so much better with either a glass of wine or while doing some cardio, and speaking of reality tv....have you seen Bravo's new show Eat Drink Love? I think it is my new obsession!

A homegrown Mr. Stripey tomato from my friend at CrossFit.

Technology is amazing. Even though my favorite shopping partner (Mommasita Toni) is thousands of miles away, I can still get her opinion on whether or not I should purchase a new outfit. She voted no on this dress. I left the mall empty handed, but my ring finger sure was happy with all that bling ;)

Josh and I had some extraordinary sushi last night. It was fresh, full of flavor, and satisfying. I want more just looking at this picture!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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