Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reasons Why I Love CrossFit...

Lately as I talk about CrossFit every second of the day more and more, it has made me pause and think about all of the reasons why I really love the sport (yes it is a sport). So, like any other great revelation I have in my life (much to Josh's annoyance), I thought I would share these reasons on my blog as a part of series. Let's get things started with reason #1.

One of the reasons I love CF is for the friendships you make. Since the first day we walked into our box, Josh and I felt welcomed and wanted. Everyone made an effort to introduce themselves, give you information about the area (like not to park behind the Peruvian Chicken will get towed), and offer support and guidance on different moves and elements.
Carrie and me at a CF Happy Hour

Since that day, those friendships have not stopped at the box. We go to happy hours together, hangout at one another's homes, and celebrate life's ups and downs. When Josh broke his ankle the support we received from our CF group was heartwarming. People sent him messages, asked what they could do to help, and daily offered kind words and well wishes. When one of our CF girls was getting married, the morning crew organized a CrossFit Wedding WOD complete with a bridal veil for her to wear during the workout and mimosas for refueling at the end :)
CFA and CFFC group cheering on Linsey at regionals. 
I am so thankful for CrossFit. Yes I am thankful for the changes it made to the body. Yes I am thankful that it has made me stronger. However, and as sappy as it sounds, I am most thankful for the friendships I have made. These people cheer you on when you are trying to get your first muscle up, and they also support you when you are outside of the Box and not covered in chalk and dirt!

Stay tuned for more reasons...