Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CrossFit Regionals Attire

This Sunday, Josh and I will be attending the 2013 CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regionals in Maryland. While we are not competing (someday...maybe...haha ok no), we will be cheering on one of our coaches from CFA, Linsey! 

I recently discovered Polyvore and used it to put together the perfect ensemble for a CF spectator. We will see if I what I actually wear looks even remotely similar...but it was still fun to play around. I LOVE workout gear and would spend my entire paycheck at Lululemon if I could!

Are you going to Regionals/have you already gone?

What would you spend your entire paycheck on if you could?

Have you tried Polyvore?

Happy National Running Day!!!!
Are you going on a run today?
I am not! Oy #feelinglazy

CrossFit Regionals

$61 -

$34 -

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  1. WOW! These items you have assembled are really cute, pretty and girly! Like you, I was feeling lazy that day due to excessive partying the night before. I crashed on my sofa and didnt remember most of the night! haha! Bridal showers can be so dangerous sometimes! hahaha!