Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regionals

As I mentioned here, Josh and I attended the CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regionals this Sunday. Not only did we want to check out the vendors and watch all of the incredible athletes, but our very own coach Linsey from CrossFit Adaptation was competing. We had to cheer her on!

The Regionals Competition consisted of seven workouts over the course of three days. Josh and I attended on the final day of the weekend for the final two workouts. There were three different divisions: Team Competition consisting of six team members, Women's Individual, and Men's Individual. All of the competitors had qualified for regionals in the CrossFit Open several weeks prior. Josh and I competed in the open too but we have a million few more years of practice ahead of us before we make it to the next round. All of these athletes were the cream of the crop, and I was so impressed with their athletic ability.

When we arrived, the Team Competition was well underway. You could already feel the excitement all around you despite the fact that it was 9:00am and all of the athletes were reaching their breaking points after three days of rigerous workouts. Music was blaring, fans were cheering, and then...the power went out! Just like the Super Bowl. This did not stop the athletes. They just kept on going...pushing and jerking ;)

It turned out my girl crush, Christmas Abbott, was competing in the Group Competition. When I spotted her, I felt like a lil kid at Disney World!!! 
Games Truck; Lights go out but the WOD goes on; me and my honey; Christmas Abbott #girlcrush

The main reason Josh and I attended was to cheer on our coach Linsey. She was competing in the Individual Women's division and is an all around bad a**. The WOD for this round went as followed:
Individual Event 6
**For Time w/ 15 minute Time Cap**
100 Double Unders
50 Handstand Pushups
40 Toes-to-Bar
30 Shoulders to Overhead w/ Axle (100lbs)
90 Foot Walking Lunges w/ 100lb Axle in Front Rack

All of these movements are tough on their own/most people can't even do them. Linsey walked out and put this event to bed with a time of 13:20, and the second fastest time in her heat. Most of the girls didn't even finish. 
Double Unders; Handstand Pushups; Toes-to-Bar; Shoulder to Overhead; Walking Lunges with Front Rack

Linsey had a break between the two events so our cheering section had a breather from our whooping and hollering. We watched the Men's competition, and they were all beasts. Again, if you want to get some workout motivation then go to a CrossFit competition. It seriously pumps you up. I wanted to pump some major iron after Sunday. 
We also took time to peruse all of the vendors that attended. It was a CrossFitters retail dream: Paleo foods, Paleo Meal Plans, protein supplements, crossfit shoes/clothing...anything your lil snatching heart desired. 
Some of Linsey's Cheering Section; Josh and Me

Before we knew it (and I am sure wayyyy to soon for the competitors), it was time to start the final workout of the day, Event 7. The Team Competition was first so I got to stalk Christmas Abbott for a bit longer.
Workin' It!

Then it was time to cheer on Linsey for her final workout for the weekend. I can only imagine how exhausted she must have been. Pushing yourself as hard as you can, for three days, in seven grueling workouts that are both physically and mental demanding. Yep! That is what we call fun!
Individual Event 7
**4 Rounds For Time w/ 10 Minute Time Cap**
15 Foot Rope Climb, 2 Ascents
100 Foot Sprint
4 Squat Cleans (135lbs)
100 Foot Sprint

Yet again Linsey put everything she had into it and our cheering section yelled our hearts out. She finished with a time of 7:31. I dont think I could climb the rope twice in 7 minutes!
Waiting for the start; Climbing the Rope like a Boss
In the end, Linsey ranked 17th overall which is incredible. I was so happy that I got to see all of the competitors on Sunday and especially someone from our very own Box! Great Job Linsey! CFA/CFFC could not be prouder of you!

I also came home with two souvenirs :)

Did you go to a Regional Competition?

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