Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Recap Part 2: McAllen w/ Mommasita

From the ranch (click link for part 1) I drove straight to my Momma's store. It looked gorgeous as always  I browsed her new merchandise (all of which I want to have in my own house), and then we went home for a quick lunch. Whenever I am home in the Valley my Momma and I go nonstop. This trip was not any different. I looked a lot better while I was down there haha...so that is why there are more pics :)

After lunch we ran several errands. I have mentioned this before but I LOVE running errands and it all stems from the fact that it is something my mom and I always did/do together. Things as simple as going to the cleaners or picking up a bag of ice are an adventure when we are together.

After our errands we went to the movies to see The Big Wedding. It has an all star cast, and although I had doubts, it was really funny. I definitely suggest it for a good laugh! On a side note, we were two of six people in the theater. Love going to the movies when the rest of the world is at work.

After the movies my Momma and I decided we wanted to make some of her delicious margaritas! I have posted the recipe before and it can be found here BEST MARGARITA EVER. We sipped our delicious cocktails on the back porch and enjoyed the fabulous weather. Later that night we went to Rositas for a Botana platter. I always have to stop at Rositas when I am home. 
Healthy lunch of Chicken Salad with Shrimp, Waiting for our movie to start, the finished cocktails, drinking our beverages, and a Botana Platter
The next morning, my Momma and I had coffee in the kitchen and then I went and got a mani/pedi for the wedding. My mom's manicurist in the Valley is the best, and I got a trendy gold finger to match my jewelry for the wedding. I went back over to my mom's store and then we had a quick lunch before running more errands! We are seriously errand running queens :)

Since before I can remember, my Momma and I have always had high tea in the afternoon. This visit was no different, and we invited her friend Jamie to join us. We sipped champagne (and some tea too) and feasted on a delectable creme brulee. I have never had creme brulee that was in a crust. This one was, and it is my new favorite dessert. It was sooooo good. The crust gave the delicate custard more texture and decadence. I loved it every bite.
One of the beds in my mom's store, my trending manicure, a yummy sandwich and a Topo-chico water (a Texas obsession of mine), High Tea Tray, and the Ladies who Do Tea time!

After Tea Time it was Happy Hour. We switched from Champagne to Wine, visited with our neighbors Scott and Denise, and then grilled succulent steaks. It was the perfect evening!
Gorgeous flowers from Scott & Denise's garden, Happy Hour with Jackie, Red Wine with some perfectly cooked steak!

The next morning after our usual coffee hour, I packed up my stuff and my Momma drove me to the airport. Again, I was SOOOOO sad to leave. However, I really do know that I will be back soon and that helped ease the homesickness a bit. Not only is Toni my Mommasita but she is my best friend so seeing her on a more regular basis is a must...although face timing has been fun ;)

Next stop Sugar Land for Keith and Alisa's wedding...

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