Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap: Birthday Bonanza

Another workday and another dolla, but at least I can relive the weekend through my blog. Here goes:

After a quick stop at a work happy hour, Josh and I met up with all of our CrossFit friends for some NON-paleo least I had non-paleo (beer). Some people were drinking wine and tequila (Paleo). We stayed for a few drinks and all discussed our favorite topic...CrossFit. Later that night, Josh and I stuck with the non-paleo theme and ordered pizza from Lost Dog. Nom nom nom! Best pizza in the DC area in my opinion!
Carrie and Me at the CFA Happy Hour and Lost Dog Pizza
The next morning I went to CrossFit for the Saturday WOD:

3 Rounds of:
800m Run
12 Push Jerk (115/85)
12 Pull Ups
12 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 Power Snatch (115/85)

Snatch is a move I definitely need to work on, and although it was still tough as hell, I felt more comfortable with the movement than I did during the CrossFit Games. Yay for improvement. Snatch video below in case you have no clue what I am talking about:

After my WOD I did a bit of product placement...please excuse my creepy smile :)
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I purchased a Boston Strong BIC Band. 100% of the proceeds goes to The One Fund that helps families who suffered from the Boston Marathon tragedy. Get yours here: BIC Band

Later that day, I picked up some Nutella Lattes for Josh and me. They were scrumdidlyuptious, but I found the coffee sleeve a bit strange. It was advertising for Kitty Litter. Not exactly what I want to think about when enjoying my cup of Joe, but alas the cat was super cuddly. While I read my new book, Josh did a one legged workout of hand release pushups and situps. I was super impressed. We were both starving by 6pm and feasted on tortellini with homemade pasta sauce (recipe to come).
Latte Advertisement, Cute Kitty Cat, Josh working out, Satisfying Pasta Dish

After dinner, Josh and I got ready for our night of birthday parties. Our first stop was for my friend (and fellow book club member) Bethany. We sang happy birthday, drank some beers, she blew out the candles, and then we started playing Survivor Flip Cup. When I am 101 years old flip cup will still be fun. Thank you Mr. Flip Cup for creating such a fantastic game. I raise my Red Solo Cup to you!
Book Club Ladies, The Birthday Girl with her cake, Ag Committee Pic

At about 10, Josh and I made our way to birthday party number two. This one was in honor of Andie and Anne Marie. We started off at Bull Feathers, and then ended the night at the infamous Capitol Lounge. We had fun reuniting with old friends, and several people posed with Josh's scooter. That thing is rented but maybe we won't give it back after all. It was the LIFE of the party (insert sarcasm).
Josh with Birthday Girl Andie; Andie on Josh's scooter; Phil on Josh's scooter; Josh with Birthday Girl Anne Marie 

The next day it was rainy and nasty. Josh and I had a lazy morning, and caught up on a few episodes of Mad Men. Texas A&M got a shout out in one of them and I let out a big WHOOOOOP! I love when my incredible school makes cameo's in TV shows and movies. Gig 'Em!

Later we went to church and then had a date at Pho Golden Cow, my favorite place evaaaaa!
We splurged and got egg rolls! Yummy!
How was your weekend?

Do anything exciting?

Happy Birthday Bethany, Andie, and Anne Marie!

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  1. Awww looks like an amazing weekend! I'm jealous of your bday party with Andie!!