Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back when I was 13...

Lately I have been thinking about things I loved when I was 13...

Sweet Valley Twins Books
I actually tried to find them at the library the other day because I wanted to reread one. Did you read the series? If you are one of my few male readers, the series was about a set of twin girls. In a nut shell, Elizabeth was a nerd, Jessica was popular, and the story lines were all about them navigating middle school. They also had a High School and College series. I loved Elizabeth the most, but I loved Jessica too. I would be a divergent mix of the two. Who wouldn't want to wear purple everyday or date Todd Wilkins? Sigh...

Jelly Sandals 
I think I had these in every color and a high heeled version (all from Payless). The made a come back a few years ago, but they were never as awesome as when I wore them in 7th Grade. Man did they make your feet sweat though!

I was a loyal watcher all through childhood. There were so many great shows, and when you are 13, what-else do you have to do on a Friday night? Since I have recently come to accept my true homebody self, I need Friday nights to have consistent television programming like they used to! Step-By-Step was one of my faves as was Boy Meets World.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Where did he go? He was so cute. I wrote a letter to his fan club and sent him a picture of me with dreams that he would write back. He would say that he thought I was the most gorgeous girl in the world. Then he would have his mom (who coincidentally would be in South Texas too) drive us to Pizza Hut for a date. Glorious!

What things do you miss from when you were 13?

Are you an Elizabeth or a Jessica?

Have you ever written a letter to a celebrity?

**All photos were found on Google Images :)**

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