Friday, May 24, 2013

5 Things Friday

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful, fun, smart, and loving Mommasita!!! She is the most amazing woman I know, and I am thankful every moment of the day that she is my mother and my best friend. My Momma makes everything special. Even breakfast on a normal day is turned into a fun event. I love that she can turn the most mundane event or thing into a fabulous experience or work of art! I love you Momma!!!! Next year we will celebrate together!!!! 

Tomorrow is my wonderful roomie's birthday. We celebrated at Matchbox last night with several friends as well as Alycyn's incredible Mom! After noshing on pizza and appetizers, Alycyn blew out the candles on a delectable peanut butter ice cream pie. It wasn't the cookie (our favorite dessert that is no longer on the menu) but we scraped the plate clean it will suffice. 

With all the of the late freezes we had this winter, flowers are just now starting to bloom. But man was it worth the wait! They are breathtakingly gorgeous. I am obsessed with this color combination!

On Wednesday, I completed 500 double unders. Double Unders are a skill in crossfit I have been working at for awhile. It felt so good to Rx a WOD that included so many of them!

Finally, I am soooo happy it is a long weekend. However, it is easy to think of Memorial Day as an excuse to barbecue and sit by the pool, but it is so much more than that. It is a day to remember all of the men and woman who have died while serving our country in the Armed Forces. I cannot even put into words how thankful I am for their service and sacrifices, and I will be thinking about them on Monday. 
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and thank you to everyone who has served and continues to serve our Great County!



  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy birthday to your momma! You look so much like her! Two very beautiful women :)