Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Things Friday

Today's 5 Things Friday has a theme! 

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I absolutely adore Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel body cream. The vanilla fragrance is strong without being offensive, and I feel like a freshly baked sugar cookie every time I put it on. B&BW only sells it at Christmas time so I stock pile it at that time. I buy about 6 bottles and use it throughout the year!

2. I have an unhealthy fear of worms specifically earthworms. There is just something wrong about being pointy at both ends. Give me a spider or scorpion any day, but keep the worms FAR AWAY.
I couldn't stand the thought of
1. looking up a picture of a worm
2. putting that picture on my blog
So I decided I would add a picture of me running at crossfit instead :)

3. In college, I used to HATE when people put there feet on my bed. That has now transitioned into a compulsion where I do not want to walk on my carpet after it is vacuumed  I practically climb on my furniture to avoid making foot prints in the fluffy, vacuumed carpet, and if someone else even tries to walk on it...well you don't even want to know what I might do. 

4.   I am obsessed with my Lint Roller. It gives me great pleasure to remove lent from my clothes. I lent roll EVERYTHING from work clothes to swimsuits. No lint on this girl! 
I should buy stock in this brand and not only because it is America's #1 selling Lint Roller . It the one I use too.

5. Although I have a few talents like singing and dancing, drawing is not one of them. This is a self portrait I made in 7th grade that one of my teachers recently sent me. She still has it hanging in her classroom. My skills have not really improved since. I do feel proud that she kept it for so long. 
I still draw people like that. Check out that awesome scrunchie!

What is something people might not know about you?


**Pics 1, 3, 4 are all courtesy of the amazing Google images. 
***Photo 2 is the work of the talented Keith!

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