Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Things Friday


Supposedly the cupcake craze is a dying trend. I disagree because I am still obsessed. These lil gems were for a coworkers birthday. Happy Birthday Jon!
The Coconut was the Bomb dot Com!

I have gotten back into a regular workout schedule and it feels so good...even when things like this happen:
ripped hands from pullups

From the crazy week when Josh first hurt his ankle, to getting packed for our trip and than an even crazier week in Texas/super busy work week, I am SOOOO excited to have nothing on my calendar for the weekend. Here's to spontaneity and relaxation
No Plans=One Happy Girl

Prince Harry was on the Hill yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to go stalk him. #disappointing 
I have still had fun reading all the news about his visit though! I am ready for him to get married so we can have another Royal Wedding!!!
Hey Harry!!!!
Wish I had stalked the Russel Building too. Good work Ladies. You did my celebrity/royals stalking job proud!

As I have mentioned before, I am in a "I hate all of my clothes" mood, and I have been repeatedly cleaning out my closet. It feels almost therapeutic  and I am definitely the opposite of a hoarder. With all of this purging, I am going to have to start replacing items soon or else I might have to wear Josh's clothes! This dress is something I am lusting after. It looks fun and a cool for a warm, sultry DC day. I would buy it in a bigger size than the model though. I think it looks like it shrunk on her. 

Lilly Pulitzer

Have a great weekend everyone!!! 


  1. I hope you are enjoying your plan-free weekend! Sounds wonderful!

    Also, I hope the cupcake trend doesn't die! I love 'em!

    1. Thanks Mary! It was great!!! And yes!!! I would be devastated if that trend died haha!