Thursday, April 18, 2013

Workout Wind-down

I am going to start posting my workouts for the week once a week! In these posts I will include the time of day of the workout as well as the duration. I will also discuss how I feel that week regarding fitness...on most days I find it easy to be gung-ho and excited for a workout. However, like everyone, I have days where getting on the treadmill or even going to CrossFit sound TERRIBLE. There are different factors like my bed is so cozy or I just want to go home after a long day, and I am going to discuss how I either overcame those feeling or fed into them. We will see how it goes :)

This past week I only worked out 3 times. My optimal number is 5 times a week, but since I have started my new job I find it a bit more difficult to get into a routine. That is my goal for next week...set a good routine. 
I try to set a schedule for myself on Sunday before the week starts. This includes knowing when I will do CF, when I will do some other form of exercise, planning my rest days, and planning what time of day my workout will take place

Plan: CrossFit in the morning before work
What Happened: Went to CF before work
Part A:
Back Squat
5-5-5 (80%*)
*Use most recent CFT 1RM, or establish new 1RM
Part B:
AMRAP 8 mins
20 Slam Balls (20/15)
10 Knees to Elbows
Run 200m
Part C:
100 Banded Pull Downs (NFT)

For Part A I used 100 pounds. I think I could have gone heavier though so I need to establish a new 1 Rep Max. My Part B Score was 3 rounds plus 2 Slam Balls. Rx.

Plan: CrossFit in the AM before work
What Happened: CrossFit in the AM before Work
Part A:
3 Attempts at Max Consecutive Double Unders
Part B:
AMRAP 10 mins
50 Double Unders
15 Push Press (115/75)
15 V-Ups
Part C:
40 Weighted Crunches

For Part A I only got 8 consecutive DUs but in the WOD I got 17. My Part B score was 2 plus 38 DUs. Rx.

Plan: Rest Day
What Happened: Rested and watched the telly 

Plan: Spin Class
What Happened: Overslept
***I really could have made it, but I let excuses win...which is a loss in the end.***

Plan: CrossFit before work
What Happened: Slept in again! Arggggggg.

Plan: CrossFit before going to the Airport
What Happened: CrossFit Hero WOD (my fave)
Chief Special Warfare Operator Mark Thomas Carter, 27, of Fallbrook, Calif., died in Balad, Iraq on December 11, 2007 as a result of enemy action while conducting combat operations. Carter was with Tactical Development and Evaluation Squadron 2, based in Virginia Beach, Va.
3 Rounds
30 Squat Cleans (95/65)
30 Pullups
Run 800m
Score: 37:13 minutes
*because I had to catch a plane on the last round I just did 10 reps of the Squat Cleans and Pullups. Still brutal though. 

Plan: Rest Day
What Happened: Made Rounds on the Ranch!

Did you have a successful week of fitness?
3 out of 5...not the worst :)

How many times do you try to workout per week?

Happy Thursday!

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