Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekend Recap: Texas Trip to Honor My Aunt Teddie

On Thursday morning of last week I discovered that my Aunt Teddie had passed away. She was my dad's older sister and was like a second mother to him. I knew I wanted to be with my family during this difficult time so I made the decision to fly down to Texas.

On Saturday my dad, Sam, and Linda picked me up from the airport, and after a delicious seafood dinner, we headed home to the ranch!
My sushi while waiting at the airport, SISTERS, and me and my Daddy. 

I love South Texas. I love the heat, I love the people, I love the food....I love everything. After church on Sunday (where I was reunited with a lot of great people...going to church at home is always a mini reunion), I spent the afternoon by the pool. I was in the shade about 99% of the time though because after a harsh winter in DC this girl is Casper white....aka sunburns easily.
Front view of the ranch, feet in the pool, Cute Pup

Later in the afternoon I met my Momma for an early dinner (and neither of us ate haha). She was on her way home to the Valley, and I was so thankful I got to see her for a bit. We chatted for about two hours and then she headed home. It was not even close to being long enough (she is my BFF after all), but I was thankful I got to see her. Luckily, I get to see her again in about 2 weeks for a longer visit! Woo Hoo! Reunited and it feels so good!
Mother/Daughter Dynamic Duo

When I got back to the ranch Sam, my dad and I made a round. A "round" is when we drive all around the ranch. We saw so many deer and javelinas, and Sam caught a Horned Toad. She put him back but not after a quick pic.

Sadly, they are in a serious drought down there, but despite the lack of vegetation, everything still looks beautiful to me. Hopefully they will get some rain soon to satiate the plants and wildlife. 
Cactus, Me and my Daddy, Cow and her baby, and a gorgeous South Texas Sunset

Later that evening, we watched some TV as a family, and then went to bed early.  The next morning we woke up early and headed straight to Port Aransas for my Aunt's funeral service.

The service was beautiful. My Aunt Teddie was one of the most loved women, and her children as well as all of our family worshiped her. She was a Godly woman that was devout in her faith, a loving and nurturing mother, and the best pie baker in the land. My dad spoke at the funeral about how she used to always pay him for vet services with Chocolate Pies. He kept those all to himself because we never got a slice! (My dad loves sweets). Even though I was sad for the loss of my Aunt, I was comforted as well. I felt completely surrounded by love at the service, and I know she is safe and happy in Heaven. 
My Aunt Teddie when she was a lil girl. I love this picture!

Before I flew home, we spent the afternoon with all my family eating, laughing, and remembering my wonderful Aunt. She will be missed but she is in better place!
Family photo after the service

I want to leave you with a post from one of my cousin's. She posted it on FB the night my Aunt died, and it gave me chills. God does exist and in times like these, whether it is the loss of a loved one or trying to deal with the devastating attack in Boston, leaning on Him makes a huge difference. 

My mother was so beautiful and that is the way I want to remember her. She died last night in my arms at 11:12 pm. True story: My dad was asleep in his room and I was laying with my mom. No one else was in the house. I called my sister Cyndi as soon as I realized my mom was gone. While I had her on the phone I heard someone walking down the hallway so I got up to see who was in the house with us. No one was there. Cyndi came in a few minutes later and we woke my dad up. He said he already knew mom was gone because she was just in his room to say goodbye. He could see her standing by his bed with a big smile on her face. She told him "I made it Chuck." I believe it was mom I heard in the hallway. She is out of pain but I selfishly want her back.

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