Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Recap: Easter Festivities

On Friday, Josh and I both got out of work at about 1pm. After a quick trip to the grocery store, we decided to go to Good Friday Mass at the Basilica. If you ever visit DC, I definitely recommend venturing over to the Basilica. It is a gorgeous church, and the art work inside is extensive. My pictures do not do it justice. 

Since we got there pretty early, Josh and I also explored the crypt of the church which includes a lot of artifacts including lots of items from Pope Benedict's visit to the US. 
The Basilica and Pope Benedict's Chair
Josh recently converted to Catholicism in November, and he is a much better Catholic than I am. All though the Mass was beautiful, I was super bored and kept squirming about like a 4 year old. I blame my behavior on the fact that I had been fasting all day and was STARVING. No attention span what-so-ever. Also the man sitting behind sounded like he was snoring and he made me get the church giggles. I have a love/hate relationship with church giggles...they are so funny you can't stop laughing but then it hurts because you cant be loud. I definitely let out a few snorts.

After Mass, Josh and I were ravenous. I mean we were both so hungry we were getting HANGRY. This happens when you are so hungry you become angry and literally bite people's heads off. We drove as slow as molasses fast as we could in rush hour traffic. Finally, we made it home and made this glorious creation: Veggie Pizza with Anchovies. Es Muy Magnifique! 
I love Anchovies and I love homemade pizza!

After dinner, I was so exhausted. I went out on Thursday night and don't bounce back like I used to. I was passed out by like 9:30pm...haha on a Friday night. Oh well. Don't judge ;)

On Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early and went straight to CrossFit. I have said this before and I will say it again, Saturday WODs are my favorite, and this one did not disappoint:

AMRAP 16 Minutes
400 M Run
10 Hang Power Clean (95/65)
10 Kettle Bell Snatch (1.5/1)
This was my first time to ever complete a WOD with 1 Pood (35 lbs) snatches. Final score: 4 rounds Rx'ed!

Originally I had planned to go to the Kite Festival here in DC for the afternoon, but plans changed so I went to cheer Josh on for his attempt at 13.4 of the CrossFit Open. He killed the WOD, and finished with 63 reps. More on the Open manana!
Before the WOD ready and during the WOD killing it!
After showering, we both ran some errands and went to Target to get some Easter goodies. As I mentioned before, I hadn't planned on being with Josh Saturday afternoon and was going to get all of his surprises when we were apart. However, with these changes we essentially filled one another's Easter Baskets right in front of one another. Oh wells!

I was starving by the time we finished all of our errands. We made a quick (and paleo) dinner of baked chicken, potatoes, and broccoli, and then got ready for church. 

Josh's enthusiasm for Church and the Lord has been a remarkable thing for him but especially for me. I normally do not like to post things about religion on my blog and I consider myself for spiritual than religious. However, through Josh and his relationship with God, I have found greater faith, and I am so thankful. 

Our Church has a beautiful Easter Vigil service, and Josh encouraged us to go then. We all started out outside at first and then the beginning of the service was lit only by candlelight. There was full orchestra and choir with singers that could rival Josh Groban, and I honestly felt like I was at a concert at the Kennedy Center. Everything was gorgeous, and it made me feel the power of the Easter season and all the God has done for us.

After Mass, we met Alycyn for a quick Easter cocktail at our new neighborhood saloon, and toasted to the Easter season!
Dinner, Church, the start of the Candlelight Vigil, and a Cosmopolitan

The next morning, the Easter bunny arrived right on schedule.
I still believe :)

After a quick perusal of my basket, Josh and I made our way back to the Box. It was my turn to have my go at 13.4.
More on this manana

I was much happier with my performance this week, and I am feeling sore today. 

We had brunch plans for 1pm (which I have been looking forward to all week..yay Eating Out Again) and after getting beautified we met several of our friends at Hank's Oyster Bar. They have fabulous food and drinks and we stuffed our faces with raw oysters, fried oysters, mac-n-cheese, and pie!
Raw Oysters, Ceviche, Josh's first desert in 40 days, and my beautiful roomie

The brunch concluded with an Easter Egg fight on the street. Do you know what cascarones are? They are dyed eggs filled with confetti, and you crack them on people's heads. Cascarones are a big staple at Easter Celebrations in South Texas, and Easter does not feel the same without them. Luckily, I still had some from last year!
The Boys at brunch, Cascarones, my crafting skills, and a pretty botched up manicure
I was exhausted after brunch and took a nice long siesta, but when I woke up I was feeling crafty. There are lots 2 things I am not good and one of them is drawing, but man, I am an excellent colorer. Luckily, I had a coloring book in my Easter Basket and was able to create a wonderful piece of art to hang on Josh's fridge. 

I was still feeling artistic and decided to give myself a manicure too. Painting my own nails is another the other thing I am bad at, and I was reminded why I always pay to have mine painted. Oy vey. I was definitely channeling my inner 5-year-old...coloring and bad fingernail painting. 

It was a fabulous Easter weekend, and I am so thankful for all that I am blessed with!

Did you have a fun weekend?

Are you good at painting your nails?

Oh I forgot to mention, I got a DOG! 
but I wish it was true :)


  1. Olivia!!! You have a blog! I didn't know! I love it!!!! :)

    1. Hi Mary!!! I love following yours and and all of your wedding adventures. So happy and excited for you!!!

  2. CORGI. I seriously got excited and then realized you were probably joking before I scrolled down and confirmed you were joking haha. Sounds like a very good weekend! Miss you! :)

    1. Miss you Frances! And a corgi is my dream pup :)

  3. I about had a heart attack before reading it was an April fools joke. I want that dog!