Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: A Beefy and Wisa Celebration

I had a super fun and festive weekend! My good friends Alisa and Keith are getting married (YAY) but unfortunately they are moving/have moved back to the Lone Star State. Alisa moved a couple of months back and now Keith is following her lead. I totally understand because Texas is Heaven on Earth. However, I will miss seeing them regularly. 

We had a going away Happy Hour for Keith on Friday at one of my favorite bars on H Street, The Biergarten Haus...a German Beer Garden with excellent schnitzel. Spring was definitely in the air and I was so excited to spend the evening outdoors. Alisa was present too which made the weekend even better!
My yummy beer (I love German/Belgian Beers); my hair was super static-y; Friends Reunited 
Friends with the Man of the Hour!

We stayed out very late, and so the next morning I didn't make it to CrossFit! AHHH! Blasphemous! I know. Like I mention A LOT, Saturday WODs are my I was pretty sad to miss, but I just knew that my body was not hydrated enough or rested enough to complete the WOD that was scheduled: Murph. I do look forward to doing that WOD someday though. 

Instead of WODing, I ran some errands and then Josh and I decided to go play putt-putt. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in DC. Sunny and in the 60s and all I wanted to do was be outside. On our way to the putt-putt course we saw a carnival, and decided to go to that instead!
The Carnival
I was so excited especially when Josh and I spotted the Tilt-A-Whirl. That is my all time favorite carnival ride. Josh bough us tickets and we promptly got in line for the ride. 

As kid I always wanted the cart that was the twirliest...Josh and I picked our seats and hunkered down for the ride. Josh must have been my lucky charm for this ride because we never stopped spinning. We spun around at lighting pace the ENTIRE time. Towards the end we started yelling "make it stop". Needless to say, after the ride both of our stomachs were not that happy. The Tilt-A-Whirl was more intense than we remembered. 
Carnival, Lots of NOT PALEO food, The Tilt-A-Whirl, Before the ride started...still feeling excited :)

We spent the rest of out time at the carnival trying to use our tickets. As a result of being nauseous  we didn't want to ride anything too ambitious. We went on the Ferris Wheel, inside the Fun House, and played a few games. A nap was needed shortly after. The carnival takes a lot more out of you after the age of 12. 
On the Ferris Wheel, the view from up above, Fun House mirrors, Josh on the Slide

That night, after our stomachs had recovered, we got ready for Alisa's surprise birthday dinner. Keith had made a reservation at an Italian restaurant and about 13 of us got there early and surrounded "The Pope's " table. I was convinced that she might think something was up (especially since Josh almost spilled the beans earlier in the day), but she had no clue and was completely shocked! Love it! We ate, drank, and stared at The Pope!
The Pope that sits in the middle of the table, Keith and the Birthday girl, Meatballs, and me and Alycyn
The Birthday Girl

Later that night, Alisa and I tried to get Josh and Keith to play board games with us. When she still lived in DC, we used to play board games all the time. Both of the boys were exhausted though and not very enthusiastic. We literally were holding their hands to roll the dice yet Josh still won somehow. I am going to go with they cheated ;)

On Sunday morning, after a quick cup of coffee, I was off to Alisa's Bridal Shower. Her best friend hosted a shower for all of Alisa's best DC friends, and it was held at the Army Navy Country Club. The club had just been rebuilt and decorated and it is gorgeous. Aggie Muster is always held there and I know the new club is going to make this year's service extra special.

We dined on omelets  waffles, smoked salmon and mimosas. Gifts were opened, toasts were given and everyone bestowed well wishes on Alisa. It was a great morning!
Me and the Bride, my yummy brunch, Keith super excited about one of the gifts!

That night Josh and I grilled some kabobs and caught up on our TV shows! The perfect end to the weekend. 

Did you have a good weekend?

Have you ever had a surprise party?
I 8th grade and I had no clue. 

What is your favorite carnival ride?
mine used is the Tilt-A-Whirl

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