Friday, April 5, 2013

Jumping On The Bandwagon: 5 Things Friday

So I am jumping on the Bandwagon of two of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere & Carrie Bradshaw Lied, and posting 5 Things on Friday. A while back, I tried to be bit different and do it on Thursdays (Wow! I know. SOOOO different.) but it just didn't work. Therefore I am doing it their way...why mess with success.

-The Cherry Blossoms have started to bloom-
Due to the long winter, the blossoms are peaking later than normal. I drove by the Tidal Basin this morning and the buds look ready to burst...I think I will go and check them out manana when they will hopefully all be in bloom!
The Blossoms two years ago with Beth. This was taken when they were almost gone. They only bloom for about 2 weeks and are super fragile. With all the tourists and wind, they sometimes only last for days. It is important to get down to the Tidal Basin right when they are at their peak!

-Sue Heck from The Middle-
For what seems like ages, Alycyn and I have been trying to get people to love The Middle as much as we do. I can honestly say it is my favorite show right now, and Sue is by far my favorite character. I watched Wednesday's episode last night. Sue earns a spot on the tennis team and the outcome made me cry for joy!!! 

Check out the video below for one of my other top Sue moments...The Cheer-Off! It will have you falling off your chair it is so funny. 

-Free Lunch-
More on this later. It was delicious, free and I was so thankful to have it so I can save my money for #5. 

-Easter Candy Everywhere-
I like something sweet after I eat so a festive Easter miniature hits the spot. I feel spoiled after two!
NOT Paleo

-Spring Fashions-
Do you ever hate everything in your closet? I am that person right now. Everything I own makes me cringe and I am so sick of cold weather. I want light weight fabrics in springy colors to wear in warm weather. I just got my tax return so I am thinking of splurging on some new duds. Thoughts?
Pinterest Inspiration

Happy Friday!!!
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  1. H&M has some awesome blazers like that for a reasonable price - I've even seen that hot pink hue. I say yes, although I always loved seeing what you were wearing everyday - I LOVE your clothes! :)