Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Things Friday

I am loving a lot this Friday, but I have narrowed it down to five things!

1. My new favorite makeup item is my eyebrow pencil by Clinique. It makes my brows look fuller and more shapely, and I am currently obsessed with it! Just call me Brook Shields. 
Instant Lift

2. Josh is going to want to pull his hair out when I type my next statement, but I am LOVING the current book I am reading: Unbroken. He has wanted me to read it for about a year, and I finally picked it up. Soooo good!

3. I am so excited for my low key weekend. I am going to workout, do some spring cleaning, and a lot of healthy cooking. Making my grocery list on this cute notepad that my roomie got me in London makes me squeal with anticipation. It's the lil things in life. 
Recipes next week as a result of this list :)

4. My roots had gotten soooo bad. I finally made a trip to the salon yesterday. Bye bye roots and hello Blondie! I also chopped off about 5 inches.
Before (yuck) and After (va-va-voom)

5. A quick and low key Pho date night with my handsome man. He is at a bachelor party all weekend so I will be catching up on Nashville with a bottle of wine.
I want this again just looking at it.

Do you have fun weekend plans?

Do you love Pho?
It is one of my favorite foods!

Are you reading a good book?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and continuing praying for those who lost loved ones in the two tragedies this week!

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