Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekend Recap: 4 Years

Since book club was on Thursday I will start from there. I love my book club! We are more of a wine and snacks club...occasionally we read a book as well. This weekend we are all heading out for the 4th Annual Maple Fest! Recap on Monday!
Love these Ladies

On Friday, I went to work and then happy hour with my office. Later Josh and I cooked some dinner and hit the hay. The next day we did a partner WOD at CF, and then chowed down on some breakfast!
My go-to weekend breakfast: Kashi Blueberry Waffles, eggs, and BACON! BACON is one of my favorite things on the planet...there were more pieces on the plate...but I ate them before I took the picture.
Later, Josh and I went to a birthday party for the beautiful Abby. She is the cutest baby ever, and I love her sweet parents too. They had pizza, booze, and a baby cake...what more could you ask for at a party!
Parents with the Birthday Girl

My man and I had to leave the party a bit early because we were celebrating our 4 year anniversary of being one another's honeys. A few months back Josh won a free night's stay at a hotel in Old Town along with 100 dollars towards their restaurant. It was about to expire so we decided to take advantage of such a great deal on this joyous occasion. 

Morrison House is in the heart of Old Town and is it cozy and warm. I would definitely stay there again for a quick get away. 
Enjoying the Wine Happy Hour that was offered
A pretty bride

We had dinner at the hotel's restaraunt that night. The food was excellent. Josh and I both had steaks and enjoyed incredible cocktails and wine. I was in a food coma after the meal and passed out in my comfy bed, but in the morning I woke up to room service that we ordered the night before! Yummmy! I love room service :)
Lemon Brioche French Toast with Bananas

We spent the rest of the day running errands, going to church, and getting new running shoes. Gotta get ready for our big race next weekend!
New Lululemon (the Run Inspire Crop II is my favorite) and New Mizunos. Not sure if I will wear either in the race but still nice to get new gear. 

That night I enjoyed one of my party favors from Baby Abby's party...a chocolate covered Oreo from Abilene! DELICIOUS!
THE END!!!!!
I love you Josh...thank you for the best four years of my life and more to come!

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