Friday, March 22, 2013

CrossFit Open: 13.2 and 13.3 Recap

Last Thursday, was my attempt at 13.2 for the CrossFit Open. The WOD consisted of the following:

10 Min AMRAP
5 Should to Overhead (115lbs/75lbs)
10 Deadlift (115lbs/75lbs)
15 Box Jumps (24in/20in)

While 75 pounds is heavy for me for shoulder to overhead, I knew I could do it. I ended up completing 193 reps at the end of the 10 minutes and felt pretty proud of my score. However, after watching more people complete the WOD, it was evident that you could get a lot more reps if you stepped up and hopped down on the Box Jumps. The open is all about having a game plan, and I think I would have scored higher had I used the step up hop down technique.

Last night, I had my go at 13.3. The WOD was a repeat workout (I think the first time this has ever happened in the games) that consisted of:

12 Min AMRAP
150 Wall Balls (20lb ball with 10 foot target/14lb ball with 9 foot target)
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

I can't do a muscle up so I wasn't even worried about that part of the WOD. I am decent at both DUs and WBs so my goal was to get to the DUs. However, I don't know if it was just a  lot tougher than I expected or if running a marathon 5 days ago took it out of me, but I did not even make it to the DUs. Needless to say I am pretty disappointed in my score, and I am contemplating trying it again. We shall see. Haha...Oh the trials of being a competitive person...some people don't even like playing board games with me :)

Josh killed 13.3 though! Go my handsome man!

To nurse my extremely bruised ego I had one of these last night:
Having another tonight when Josh and I make Shrimp Fajitas. Ole!
These are definitely not Paleo (which Josh and I are about to tryout for a while) but they were pretty darn yummy and will make an excellent poolside beverage this summer!

Did you give 13.2 or 13.3 a try? How did it go?
13.2 went well for me but 13.3 not so much. I love the Open though. We have met new people, bonded with friends, and (like I have said before) the camaraderie and energy is dynamic. Love me some CF!

Are you a competitive person?
I am very competitive with myself...and I don't think it will ever change. 

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Ah, I love reading your Crossfit updates! I've been doing it for a few months and LOVE it. You should definitely try paleo. You'll love it!

    1. Thanks Kaitlin! I am going to the store this weekend, stocking up, and kicking things off on Monday. I will keep you updated! Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!

  2. Very important question- does the Margarita thing taste like beer? I hate beer, but love margaritas.

    And yes, I am a very competitive person.

    1. It doesn't taste like beer to me. It tastes like a margarita that has sparkling water in it. I really like it!