Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CrossFit Open: 13.1 Recap

Last Thursday night, Josh and I participated in the first WOD of the Open. Like I mentioned before, all Open WODs are posted Wednesday night and then you have till Sunday to post your score to the website. Josh and I are completing our WODs at our gym's affiliate, CrossFit Falls Church. This enables us to have our scores validated by one of our coaches. If you don't complete the WOD at a box you have to submit your score with video of you doing the WOD. 

Here is the video of 13.1, and let me tell you it was a toughie! 

The WOD was as follows:

AMRAP in 17 Minutes of:
40 Burpees

30 Snatches (75/45)

30 Burpees
30 Snatches (135/75)
20 Burpees
30 Snatches (165/100)
10 burpees
As many snatches as possible (210/120)

We had three heats at our box and I was in heat one. I was soooo thankful to get it over with.
The clock started and I was off. The first 40 burpees were killer, and by the time I started my first set of snatches I was already tired. When I first saw the WOD, I was cocky and thought 45 pounds was nothing for snatch, but after all of those burpees they were tough. By the time I completed all 30, 6 minutes and 6 seconds had gone by.

From there I started the burpees again, I was dizzy and tired, but I got through it. Then came the real challenge. I had only ever completed a 65 pound snatch. Now I was trying to do 30 of them at 75 pounds on top of being dog tired! It took me 6 minutes and whole lot of trying, but in the last ten seconds I finally completed 1 rep at 75 pounds! YESSS!

The camaraderie at the gym was so amazing. Everyone cheering and pushing me to get through it really helped...especially my judge Lisa! The energy in the Box was electric!

My final score for the 13.1 WOD was 101 reps with a tie breaker of 6:06. I also got a new one rep max for snatch at 75 pounds. All in all I am proud of myself and definitely very pumped for tomorrow's WOD!

What is crazy about this workout is that people can do those weights! It is insane and awesome! I aspire to be like them someday and loved watching everyone working it!
You can see me way back in the right had corner. This is during my 45 pound snatches. You can see Josh's cute derriere too. He is the in my row second from the front!
Josh competed in round 1 too, but since I was working it I didn't get to take any pictures of him. He finished with a score of 102 reps. He did a great job!

Here are few photos from the final round!

Josh keeping score during the 3rd round!

As of Sunday Night, I was able to see where I ranked out of the entire games. After round 1, I am ranked 34,464 out of 46,654 female participants. I am pretty proud considering I had never completed a snatch at 75 pounds before. 

We find out the new WOD tonight, and I am already looking forward to tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more updates! 
**I used the word WOD a lot this post**

Yay for a New Pope!

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