Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Recap...My Birthday Round 2

For my birthday, my sweet roomie got me tickets to see Zorro at one of my favorite DC theaters  She coordinated with all our girl friends, got the tickets, and surprised me. 

The play wasn't until this past Friday...so it was like my Birthday all over again! I like when things last FOR.EV.ER! 

Our fabulous group of five grabbed drinks and appetizers at Masa 14 before the show, and then made our way to the theater  Constellation does great work, and Zorro did not disappoint. Not only was the acting incredible, but so were all of the special effects. There were sword fights, shoot outs, cigar smoke, and more! I loved every heart pounding minute. 
Mojito and Zorro without his mask!

The play made me miss watching the classic TV show on Disney's Vault. Alycyn and I were singing this song the rest of the weekend!

After the show, the fab five (a.k.a us) went and had another round of drinks at the new Matchbox on U Street. We had only been there for about 5 minutes when the entire Zorro cast walked in! We gave a cheer, they gave us strange looks, and then they ponied up to the bar. I would like to tell you that we then became bosom buddies, and they gave me lots of advice on how to break into the acting world, but that would be false. We did get to watch Zorro get in an argument with his leading lady from the play...who happened to be his leading lady in real life as well. Being the nosy ladies we are, we tried to figure out what they were arguing about...it was incredibly intriguing. We finally decided that Zorro must have finally established enough Union credits to move to NYC thereby leaving his leading lady behind. As a non-union actor, I can tell you that this would be very troubling and I would have stormed off too.**

**This story is all in jest. We hope the young couple has reconciled and have a fabulous Valentine's Day celebration together. 

After all of that excitement us ladies said our good-byes and made our way to our respective homes. It was freezing and windy, and I was so happy to get snuggled in my bed after such a wonderful evening.

The next morning, I slept in a bit and then Josh and I went to CrossFit. The WOD was killer, and I was completely wiped after. We grabbed some Subway to refuel, showered, and both passed out. I hadn't even planned on taking a nap, but man I needed it!
Courtesy of CrossFit Adaptation....this wasn't from Saturday's WOD...but I wore this shirt again ;)

That night Alycyn came over to Chateau de Josh and we made homemade marinara with pasta, caprese salad, and enjoyed some fine wine. 
Blurry but yummy!

Sunday is my favorite day of the weekend. I might be one of the only people that loves it, but for me Sunday is all about resting and getting ready for the week ahead. Amazing!

This Sunday was like any Sunday...and I LOVED IT. Josh made breakfast, we went for a run, took another nap, and then went to church. The weekend was capped off with trying a new Pho place...our go to was closed for Vietnamese New Year. It was good, but not as good as the one we love. The new one serves beer though. So that is a huge pro.

What is your favorite day of the weekend?

Are you doing anything tonight for FAT TUESDAY?
I am! Recap manana!

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  1. Love your recap of our Zorro night :)

    My favorite day of the weekend might also be Sunday!! It is great to relax and prepare for the week ahead, exactly as you said.