Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Recap: A Day of Love and a Weekend of Skiing

Since Valentine's Day was on Thursday, I decided to include it in my President's Day Weekend Recap.

On Thursday, the day of Loooove, my handsome man surprised me with a gorgeous flower delivery at work. I gave him a box of M&Ms that had our faces on them :)
They smelled so good!

Because of my Lenten sacrifice, we made dinner at home which I prefer anyway. We had juicy steaks, succulent lobster tails and asparagus! 
Get in my belly!

After work the next day, we got on the road and made our way up to Maryland for a weekend of skiing. We shared a house with 10 friends which made the weekend a steal. Our house had multiple bedrooms, a fire place, and a hot tub! Everyone brought food, drinks, and games. I brought the King Cake!
I want this right now!

We skied for three days. Saturday was good, Sunday was absolutely FREEZING, and Monday was just right...sunny with great conditions. I actually went down a few blacks!
Warming up by the fire with a Bloody Mary
Successfully making it down a black called Squirrel Cage
Before heading home yesterday, we stopped at local Brewery. They have Texas Tuesdays...it made me smile. Texas/Texans love to infiltrate everything!
God's Country...Texas...not Maryland

Although I have given up eating out, I allow it when I am traveling which is not very often this Lenten season. During our Ski Trip, we ate in every night. People took turns making delicious homemade meals like lasagna and chili. Again, I brought the King Cake ;)

The Brewery was one of the few times I ate out, and it was DELICIOUS. Pizza and beer is seriously the perfect combination! 
Buffalo Chicken Pizza and a Supreme
Almost Heaven Ale

The ski trip was the perfect way to spend the long weekend! Thank you to Alice and Ryan for planning it all, and I am excited for all of the new friendships I made. 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Ugh side note: did you watch Downton? Not as upset as a few weeks ago, but still pretty damn peeved!

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