Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend Recap: A Baby Shower

I had every intention of posting this first thing on Monday, but per usual, this week has been crazy busy. However, since today is now Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday, posting now makes it seem like the weekend got here super quickly! I LUV that!

Last weekend got off to the right start with happy hour after work. My roomie's parents were in town, and it was great catching up with them and enjoying a few adult beverages. After our drinks, they headed off to dinner and Josh and I went home and cooked some pasta. I missed spending more time with them, but I had to keep my Lenten resolution :)

The next morning, I got up early and headed straight to CrossFit. This WOD was intense. I was in pain, but the good kind. The kind where I knew I was really working hard. "No pain no gain" is actually a really truthful statement. 
150 Back Squats with 70lb Barbell 

Immediately after CF, I hobbled to Josh's house and got ready for my friend Meredith's Baby Shower. It was fun seeing her open all of her sweet gifts, and I got to catch up with my friend Shannon. I have more pics from the shower, but still need to upload them. All of the decorations were precious, and I am so happy for Meredith and her husband, Jeremy. I know they will make incredible parents.
Yummy/Adorable Cupcakes, the glowing Mommy-To-Be, and the sweet nursery

That night Josh and I grabbed a few beers, and then went to a CF Happy Hour. While we were there we were convinced to enter the CrossFit Games Open. I will be blogging all about that get excited!
Beer Sampler , and me & my handsome man

On Sunday, Josh and I attempted to go running, but I literally could hardly walk. I was so sore from the WOD on Saturday that it hurt simply moving. I spent most of the rest of the day being lazy, making some incredible chicken enchiladas, and watching the Oscars!
Chicken Enchiladas...recipe to come!

Another Great Weekend! Happy Thursday Everyone!

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  1. Those chicken enchiladas look yummy! Can't wait for the recipe :)