Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas Dinner

In lieu of presents this year, my roomie Alycyn and I decided to go out for a fancy shmancy dinner. We didn't even have discuss where we would go...we knew it had to be Adour.

I have talked about Adour a few times on my I won't blab on and on again, but it does have incredible food and atmosphere. Thus it was perfect for our Roommate Christmas Dinner.

Because of a busy Holiday season and an even crazier start to the New Year, we didn't "celebrate" until last week! It just made the Christmas season last that much longer...even better!

We started out the evening with some cocktails at the bar, and then wine at our table. Alycyn is a wine aficionado and brought an awesome bottle for us to celebrate the occasion with!

There were too many great things to pick we decided to try them all and go with the tasting menu!
Lobster Appetizer, Salmon, Braised Wagu Beef, and Hazelnut Souffle 

The Hazelnut Souffle was my favorite part of the night besides the fabulous company, and I loved having an experience rather than a gift. 

Happy Friday, Merry Christmas and Bon Appetit! 

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