Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate Night: Pay It Forward Campaign

In honor of the Presidential Debate tonight, I wanted to share a little bipartisan story.
While at work on Friday our office received a call that we had cupcakes delivered. We didn't have a clue who they could be from as it was not anyone's birthday nor any type of special occasion in the office. Our Staff Assistant ran down to security to pick them up and when she came back she announced they were from the Member across the hall and his staff. All of us were so excited. What a generous/sweet treat (literally)! 

It turns out Sprinkles Cupcakes is running a "Pay It Forward Campaign". Offices that receive cupcakes can choose to "Pay It Forward" (via a dozen cupcakes) to another office as long as they are from another party. Sprinkles picks up the tab and thus both sides get to indulge in decadent sweet treats for free. 

I think it is a brilliant campaign. Not only does it remind us that even though we might not agree on all issues, we are all colleagues and are working to better the Country we love. I left work with a great sense of camaraderie for our neighbors and was excited to send some cupcakes to another office and pay it forward. 

Plus the yummy cupcake was scrumptious to my lips and made my tummy happy!

Are you watching the debate tonight?

Any fun debate plans?

I am watching with Josh, Aly and maybe my friend Beth. Wine is a must!!!

Happy Election Season!

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