Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 Things Thursday

1. NYC Marathon is just 9 days away. I ran my last long run (20 miles) this Sunday and it felt great. I am so glad because it really boosted my confidence and moral for the race. I also loved my PRO Compression socks. My calves are usually on fire after a long run, but with the socks they felt the same at mile 20 as mile 2. Awesome!

2. Are you watching Nashville? It is officially my new favorite show. I have already downloaded most of the music (which is original) and I love that Lennon and Maisy are in it. If you haven't started tuning, then do it...NOW. It is like Country Strong but only funner ;)
...current favorite song from the show...

3. Do you tear up on commercials? I always do. The one below currently gets me every time  It has me choked up like the Notebook...ugh!

4. Painted Pumpkins at Book Club last night....we might not read the books but we do arts and crafts and drink lots of wine! That is a productive club in my book. 
To bad there wasn't any Werewolf Wine #TeamJacob
Painted Pumpkins...mine is the one with the Breast Cancer Ribbon.
Photos Courtesy of Bethany 

5. Who is excited about Halloween? I AM!!!! It is my all time favorite holiday. This year I am going to be Medusa by mixing a combination of my last two costumes together. What do you think?
Wicked Witch 

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Happy Thursday!!!

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