Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Girl...You Look Fresh: A Marathon Training And CrossFit Update

It has been awhile since I have updated my readers on my marathon training and CrossFit. So here goes:

As most of my friends will tell you, I have become OBSESSED with CrossFit. I have become one of THOSE people where almost everything I talk about is CrossFit related...and I love it. This love for CrossFit has made it harder for me to train for the NYC Marathon. Currently I would rather go do 100 Manmakers than go for a 3 mile run. 

During the first few weeks of my training, I tried to do about 5 runs a week with CF. That was not working. I have implemented a new plan and have been doing it for about 3 weeks now. I go to CF about 3 to 4 times a week and do a long run on Sundays. I also try to go to spin class once a week and  do 2 three mile runs if I can. 

My main focus is the long run. If I do not get those 3 mile runs in it is ok, but the long run is a MUST. Although this is not the typical way to train for a marathon, I think it is working for me and it allows me to do what I WANT to do. In order to stay motivated, it is essential to exercise the way to want to. I also think the lower milage but increased strength training has improved my running. This past weekend on my 15 mile long run I consistently kept a 9 minute mile pace, which is my goal race pace. Normally on long runs, you are suppose to run about a minute slower than your marathon pace. However this past weekend the weather was nice and I felt good, so I just kept on pushing it.

Here is an example of a my typical week's workout:

Sunday: Long Run (This Sunday it will be a 16 miler.)
Monday: CrossFit of Rest Day
Tuesday: 3 Mile Run and Cross Train
Wednesday: CrossFit 
Thursday: Spin and 3 Mile Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: CrossFit

The NYC Marathon is only 8 weeks away. I am getting excited, but I know these last few weeks are crucial to my training. More posts to come with some example WODs too!

On a side note, a few weeks ago when I was walking to the public library a man told me I looked fresh. I had just come from CrossFit and felt anything but fresh...haha! I thanked him and went on my way to check out some books. However, when I got home and looked in the mirror I thought maybe he was being sarcastic. 

What do you think?
Fresh or Not Fresh? That is the question!
I am going to go with he was being sincere and was digging my crazy side pony tail. HAHA!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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