Friday, September 21, 2012

A Bigfork, Montana Wedding: Part 2

On the day of the wedding, Josh, our friend Luke from DC, and I went and ate at the one breakfast place in town, Pocketstone. It had the most GYNORMOUS servings, and I could only make a small dent in my breakfast. Their cinnamon rolls were to die for though. In an effort to work off some of our breakfast we went exploring and cherry picking.
Pretty River
Goofy Boys
Montana is cherry country. For 5 dollars we got 5 pounds of cherries and picked them ourselves. There were orchards all over the place and all of them were beautiful!
I know how to pick 'em! Badomm ching!
Our picking team!

From the cherry orchards we decided to drive the entire circumference of the lake. It was about 30 miles around, and the terrain was continuously changing. I know I have said it before but I will say it again... Montana is GORGEOUS!
Flathead Lake
So pretty!

By the time we finished our drive it was time to get ready for the wedding. Promptly at 4pm a boat picked us up to take us to the spectacular wedding location.
I'm On A Boat

The wedding was on a private farm right on Flathead Lake. It had panoramic views from every angle and I could not stop taking pictures.
No one told me I had a GIANT knot in my hair from the boat ride. I have like 15 pictures like this. Haha! Texas woman do love big hair :)
The Barn the reception was in!
The Bride and Groom had friends at this wedding from all over the world. Both of them have lived all over the world as well, so they had a cute sign with all of the mile marks to the different cities. Josh's hometown was on there of course!
Parasols were giving to the ladies. Love it!
Dining Tables...look at that back drop!
Family Portrait
Christmas Card Photo
Josh and His Yummy Beverage
While other guests arrived we enjoyed some local cocktails and explored the grounds! Then it was time for the ceremony to begin...

To Be Continued...

Happy Friday Everyone!

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