Friday, August 31, 2012


About a month ago, Toni (my Mommasita) and her friend Kathy (hi Kathy! She is a loyal reader!) flew up to Virginia to visit some friends, Connie and Mike. They had just purchased a home in Middleburg, which is only about an hour from DC. Josh and I drove out for the weekend to be with my sweet Momma and hangout with her friends.

The house is a gorgeous estate with spectacular mountain views. On the first evening we spent most of our time exploring the house and grounds, drinking wine, and throwing a dinner party. We had steaks, wine, champagne, and lots of fun!
My momma and me! She is now braces free!
The backside of the house. 
Me and My Handsome Man

The next morning we were all feeling a bit over-served...the party had lasted till about 2am! So we made our way into town for some yummy food and shopping.
Spectacular French Onion Soup
Maple Donuts with Bacon from a local bakery

After lunch, we all went over to Connie's sister's house to see their horse farm. It was beautiful as well with old barns, lots of horses, and beautiful foliage. 
Old barn from the 1700s
The Horse Barn
Momma and Colt
Momma and Me
That night we had pizza for dinner and went to bed early. I think everyone was still a bit tired from the fun we had the night before.

The next morning, my mom and I went on a long walk and Josh went for a run. After a scrumptious lunch of fried chicken, we said our goodbyes and Josh and I headed back to DC. It was a wonderful weekend. Mike and Connie were incredibly gracious for letting us take over their beautiful home, and I loved spending time with my Momma and Kathy. Middleburg is BEAUTIFUL, and I cannot wait to go back for another visit.

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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